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Failure at the first hurdle :(

Hi guys,

Just wanted to vent my frustrations. I'm feeling so ashamed and annoyed with myself. 4 days into the NHS 12 week weight loss diet and I've already messed up! I was having a really tough day yesterday, problems at work and with my partner and I ended up binging on Mcdonalds after work, even though I had a meal prepared and waiting for when I got home. I don't know what is the matter with me. I felt awful and so guilty afterwards and am desperate to break the emotional eating cycle. However, I am determined to start afresh today - I have already had a small bowl of porridge with seeds and 1/2 an apple, and will be going to the gym for a workout session shortly. I just can't get rid of the guilty and ashamed feeling, and I don't want it to cloud up my day. Any comforting words of wisdom would be really appreciated right now :( xx

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Hi Joanne_lulu,

Please don't be hard on yourself, this can happen to any of us, and I'd say just put it behind you and move on. You've had a great breakfast - and you're going to the gym soon, and so enjoy your session, and just look forward to a great weekend - don't let yesterday cloud your day!

I went out last night and was aiming to choose fish with vegetables and sweet potato, but when the waitress arrived, what did I choose? Beef burger and chips!!! Sometimes we have a particular aim in mind, but somehow an alternative springs to mind...! I decided I needed the iron in the beefburger, and I did enjoy the chips. So it was all good in the end, and today I've also had porridge - infact just posted a picture of my breakfast for the White Stuff Challenge, so you can see it if you want to!

Wishing you a great day, and have a good weekend - it's nearly here.

Lowcal :-)

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Don't panic....one take-away does not a healthy eating plan ruin! It is just a blip, and remember, what you are doing is gradually establishing lifelong eating habits for your health....this is not a race to the winning post!

Once you reach your target weight, the new habits will hopefully continue on afterwards, so just put this one tiny lapse behind you, and look forward to the next healthy meal. You are getting there, so give yourself credit for not crashing out, and for being able to carry on!


Hi joanne_lulu focus on the good you can do today. You can't change anything from yesterday so don't beat yourself up over it. We all have our slips and its how we learn from them that counts.

You know what the triggers are and you need to learn to change your reaction to them from a negative to a positive. Next time the proverbial hits the fan, think back to yesterday and how you dealt with it, then think about how it made you feel after and ask yourself if that's how you want to feel again. I bet the answer will probably be a NO and that's when you have the power to change your reaction to the situation. Its tough as you are breaking a habit and if it was easy.....well. Maybe next time transfer the angry energy of 'i want to beat someone up with a shi**y stick' to a power walk or a trundle up and down the stairs or take yourself off to a quiet spot and have an internal vent to clear it away.

Today's a fresh new day and it sounds like you are already making the right steps to make it a good one 😊 stay positive hun, you'll get there x


Hi Joanne,

LessToLose posted a brilliant video that explains emotional eating and the effect of guilt following it. Here's the link and I suggest you have a good look at it, because it'll make you feel so much better about yourself :)


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Oh Lordy, that was nearly me the other day...MacDonald's is so tempting for quick comfort. I do sympathise and understand it. Before I go on autopilot to it I now try to put myself ahead a few hours and imagine what I will be feeling. You are there and feeling bad now. So put yourself forward a bit more and forget it. Just don't do it again maybe:-)

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