One Week In

Hi everyone! Well I have made it the first week of my changing eating habits. I found this brilliant site last week and it is the best thing I have done for a long time, for me it is better than a once a week slimming club ( hate that word SLIMMING ) as you are here 24/7 and not just once a week for an hour etc. I love to read your daily posts of success or cries for help and encouragement. I am ok with the food side at the mo but really need to up the exercise which I admit I need a kick up the bum for. I have been looking at your challenges but I think the new regime has affected my brain as I don't quite understand the earning of KM's could anyone explain this for me? Thanks a lot and good luck to everyone, here's hoping for a sunny weekend.


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6 Replies

  • Hi itsbab 😀 in total agreement about this wonderful forum 24 hrs a day, free and anonymous advice. Love it !! Never joined anything like this before (not even on Facebook etc) but best decision. Don't think I would have stuck to plan or achieved so much weight loss with out it 😆 not sure about the kms challenge but hope to join in soon as taking up the c25k challenge posted yesterday and going to get a proper pedometer to record steps and kms properly. I'm sure someone will explain all. Good luck. Claire x

  • Hi Itsbab. I'm glad you're making progress and that the eating side of things is working well for you.

    Do join us for the challenges. FizzyLiz's 20000 Leagues challenge is simple and you can start tagging along anytime.

    We post our kilometres every Tuesday, FizzyLiz creates a new thread every week, you should find it in the pinned posts, for the previous week. You will need a pedometer or another way of calculating how far you have travelled. Anything that can be counted as a distance will work, walking, cycling, running, swimming etc...

    If you're unable to post as kms feel free to post as steps or miles, moreless is quite swift with her calculator to convert that to kms. ;)

    Come join us! :)

  • I hope to get my new pedometer tomorrow and be joining you then too ☺️ So excited ..

  • Yay! :)

  • Thanks for explaining that to me I have a fit bit that records steps etc I will charge that up and start on the 20000 leagues challenge tomorrow as Tesco said Every Little Helps. Thanks again Bev

  • That's great Bev! Looking forward to seeing you in the submarine. ;)

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