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Old trousers pinching a bit - one week to go!


I have internet access for my last week away but still no scales :-) I was delighted to fit into all of those old 38" waist trousers upon my arrival 4 weeks ago but I think an over indulgence in wine and beer has added more than a few pounds and those same trousers are pinching a bit!

So, one week to go and I am going to try really hard by cutting out the alcohol, the food has not been a problem, to make sure that on my next Monday weigh in on the 30th will not be too much of a shock!

I shall enjoy reading your posts and catching up with your stories this week :-)

Have a lovely Sunday everyone - John

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What a lovely photo! You look like you are having a fabulous time. Enjoy the sunshine and the treats, and I am sure any holiday pounds will not hang around long once you get back home and into healthy eating. I must say you look very trim in the photo 😀

ZestHealthy BMI

Hi John,

You're looking relaxed and happy in your photo, and it's great to 'see' you again!!! We've missed you!!! :-)

Hope it's all going well, and I'm glad you've been enjoying yourself, and hopefully enjoying lots of lovely sunshine and delicious food. As I look out the window just now, it is actually pouring with rain! Grey sky...! I'm hoping it will brighten up later so I can have a walk. I need to 'walk my pineapple' (refer to Hidden 's 20,000 Leagues Challenge if you're wondering why there are photos of people with pineapples happening currently in the forum) :-)

Have a lovely week.

Lowcal :-)

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Thank you Lowcal, It has been a nice break, I had some gardening to do over here as well, can't seem to get away from it, but the sunshine has been as expected and just relaxing.

Yes I saw the pineapples, I will have to see the original posts as I am not sure walking around with a pineapple will go down well in Bolton!

Have a good week yourself :-)


Hi John, what a fab pic! You look fantastic! :)

Ach, don't worry about a few extra pounds, you'll lose those in next to no time as soon as you get home! :)

Enjoy your last week and we'll look forward to your return to the fold shortly :)

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Thank you Moreless, I am hoping the holiday gain will be less than 5lbs but, like you say, it will soon come off once I get back into the forum!


Hi John, lovely to see you, lucky you, all that lovely sunshine! You look great and look like you're having a lovely time! Life is for living John and having fun! So don't worry about a few pounds they'll be history when you're back with us!

Enjoy your week! ;) x

Hi ,your on holiday ,,,,relax the scales can wait , you can indulge yourself on holiday ,, that's one of the enjoyments of holidays, looks like your in a lovely place ,stop beating yourself up ,,,,,you can always do a bit of exersise like a nice walk along the beach ,

Yay the trousers fitted! Sounds like you've been balancing being good and having a good time. Fit of clothes can be as good a measure as scales anyway. Have a great last week away, and hope the waistbands loosen up a bit or at least don't get any tighter? :)

Thank you Ruth, I am bringing back all of the smaller trousers anyway, found more than I thought I had, as well as shirts too so A right result! Fortunately I travelled here with no hold baggage at all so plenty of room for them all! John :-)


Don't spoil your final week's holiday, just have what you please and deal with it on return. It won't take you long, and for such a long holiday it sounds as if you've done really well in any event!

I am currently on an 8 day trip to Rhodes and already feeling a bit bloated ( can I blame the heat?) 😄

Maybe a bit more walking and dancing? You don't look any fatter. And I don't think you're holding your breath! Enjoy your last week. You can deal with the scales when you get back.

Hi. Good luck with those scales. I have just returned home after 1 week all inclusive holiday in Spain with my husband and despite lots of exercise and trying really hard to make the healthy choices I gained 3 lb :(. It is definitely the extra alcohol that makes the calorie intake too high. I intend to rid myself of that 3 lb very quickly as I am going on holiday again in 7 weeks. Hope you don't get too much of a shock when you brave the scales.

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Wow only a 3lb gain on an all inclusive holiday? I don't think you really got your money's worth there harobed ! Yes 7 weeks should be enough time to lose enough to gain again :-)


Looks like you are having a great time - enjoy the sunshine - here in Edinburgh we have had freak hailstones this morning, then rain and then the sun came out. See you at the weigh-in!

Hailstones in May? Oh well not so surprising, we are hoping it rained in Lancashire whilst we were away as we have started a new garden and would not have wanted 4 weeks of sunshine to suddenly hit Bolton. (I know, silly statement) :-)

Hi John I don't live too far from Bolton and it was quite dry the first maybe three weeks you were away but we've had lots of rain over the last week! And a lot of it quite heavy! So the ground definitely needed it! 😊

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