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Hello from above my breakfast (RECIPE)

Hello from above my breakfast (RECIPE)

Today is the day I'm taking weight loss seriously again. :)

This is a modified pancake with spinach and plain yogurt

approx 260 calories



2 eggs (~160 calories)

10g whole grain rye flour (~34 calories)

20ml milk (I used 3,2% which was ~12 calories)


pinch of baking soda


100g frozen spinach (20 calories)

50g plain yogurt (mine was 60cal/100g that makes ~30 calories)

Pinch of dried birds eye chili (painfully hot so be careful)

Small garlic clove (if you're going on a date you can skip :) )


Optionally a thin layer of olive oil (for frying), if you have a good pan you can skip.

Stir pancake ingredients in a bowl until smooth,

heat up the pan (not too much), add oil and fry your pancake until golden brown (~1,5 min each side, mine was extra crispy),

cook the spinach with garlic and salt, take off the heat and add 25g of yogurt, mix well, use the rest for decoration.

Sprinkle a tiny bit of chili on top and enjoy your super healthy diet breakfast :)

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It looks lovely. What is it?


I added a recipe :)


Great thanks. Spinach & eggs go so well together. I have some cooked spinach in fridge ready for an omelette but will do this instead. :-)

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Great I would love to see a picture :)


Not a good look. Pancake stuck so I need to season my pan properly. Didn't quite fancy chilli for breakfast so used fresh coriander.

Despite the looks, tasted delish. :-)

Thanks for the idea.


Ow, I'm sorry :) Glad you enjoyed :)


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