Making the right decisions food wise! :)

Making the right decisions food wise! :)

So its dinner time after along day at work and I've returned home to my family having a big plate of chicken strips, onions rings, curly fries all smothered in sausages and beans..... hmmmmmmmmm! My carb cravings we absolutely buzzing as I having only had soup and crisp breads for dinner with a yogurt and snacks of fruit and nuts.

However I stayed strong and had myself an mushroom omelette with salad (its carrot not cheese in the picture) and a slice of cornbread! Delicious :D I think its harder to resist a big plate of comfort food after a long day at work but I'm glad I stayed strong and didn't fail on day 1.... feeling super determined!

Kayleigh :)


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12 Replies

  • Very proud that you resisted the family dinner. Well done you :) :)

  • Thank you Fizzyliz :)

  • Well done and your meal looks delicious. I am afraid to say I gave in to chicken nuggets in bread. However I am off to spinning class tonight and will walk the dog. I'm still in my calories allowance..just! Keep up with the good choices

  • Its allowed when your exercises too! Enjoy your spinning class and walking the dog :D

  • Well done Kayleigh, start the way you mean to go on! :)

  • Proud of you! I actually think yours looks nicer, yum!

  • Me too!

  • It is, yours looks yummy tho, better than theirs!

  • That's what I thought once id finished making mine. Glad I didn't give in, I love a kiddies tea and onion rings are my kryptonite haha :)

  • Hi Kayleigh,

    I much prefer your choice of meal here, it looks absolutely delicious. Great choice! :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • You did good, I actually preferred your healthy pic tho. Just think of your waistline would it have been worth the calories.!!

  • Well done you! That's some cracking determination!

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