Half a stone gone

Hi started this journey on 18th April Ive lost a half a stone and there are lots of ways I could be more disciplined but I'm pretty chuffed , just been takiking the why should I approach when temptation kicks in my little analogy is to picture myself as a freshly cleaned house and there is no way I'd allow myself to throw muck over it ,a freshly clean body no way  going to put a lot of fatty food in it 👍🏼 because why should I mess it up 😎


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10 Replies

  • In only a month, you've got your imagination working for you instead of against you.  I know we are focused on those scales, but that change in your behaviour will be worth even more to you than learning to lose half a stone in a month.  So a double celebration is called for.  Non food, of course.  

  • Why thank you the power of I can and I will attitude is amazing , also Funny you should say that my other half bought me a jasmine plant as a well done gift it smells Devine I am feeling happy x

  • What a wonderfully thoughtful partner.  So many would have bought you your pre diet favourite chocs!  All the winds seem to be in your favour today!  And I'm sure that is your doing.  

  • Jasmine plants are so beautiful and I love the scent too.  :-)

  • Excellent analogy 😊 And very well done! 😊

  • Hi Fitbyjuly,

    Wow, that's really great to hear you've lost half a stone since 18th April - Congratulations!!!!  Glad you're feeling chuffed!  That's a great feeling!!!

    I love your analogy too - very creative and clever!  Very cool... 8-)

    Wishing you a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you feeling positive good weather predicted so salads and veggies are on my meal plans 👍🏼😎

  • So very well done.I am definitly going to try and think like this when I am away this weekend.Good on you fitbyjuly.

  • Well done! You know I think I'm running exactly a week behind you ... I started one week later and have lost 6 pounds so hoping to hit the half a stone mark in the next two weeks! Big believer of slow and steady wins thr race

  • Here's less of us weight wise 👍🏼 yep slowly slowly slim slim here too and well done

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