Moving my body

Moving my body

ok. I saw Doc yesterday , had various  heart tests, hearts fine, Arthritis yes, how do I persuade my self to MOVE more. I know it sounds daft but love computer, hate housework, love films on TV, hate weeding in the garden!

I am sure u get what I'm trying to say, please someone make me move!

I live in the countryside, no exercise classes, slimming clubs, etc

People on here say they work out, where , how , what\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\/

Please help :(


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18 Replies

  • You have the whole of the countryside to exercise in, walk. Walking is one of the best exercises out, it's free and you are in the ideal place to do it.  Also get yourself some exercise DVDs or, you say you like the computer, download some and set yourself a regime to do them. I too have arthritis (age catches up, I am 69) but the more regularly I exercise the less pain I get. 

  • Thanks Annde,

    BEAUTIFUL COUNTRYSIDE , but we are at the top of a very steep hill so its walk around my v small village, have done it before,  so boring, I'm just being honest

    Thanks so much for replying, think our ages are close!

    How goes your weight loss?

  • Hi I have arthritis & hate exercise but have found that just by getting up & walking around more helps. I hate housework but have started to put a little bit more effort into hoovering etc. You could walk around the house more & if you can get out just a ten minute walk a day will help. I do know where you are coming from as live in the country myself. I just keep telling myself ten minutes walking will not harm me. If you have stairs in the house go up & down them more as well. Hope you have a fab week & can do this :-) x

  • Thanks Karen, I am grateful for your help. I have let this go on tooooooooooooo long and now have 3 stone to lose

    I guess the longest journey starts with a single step, right?

    How are you doing?

  • I have reached the upper end of my target after 3 years of very slow loss. Have lost 3.5 stone, would ideally like to shed another half stone but finding it very hard going. Have got my BMI to 25 now so have gone down from bottom of obese range to top of healthy so reasonably happy with that.  How much weight do you have to lose?

  • 3 stone, feels daunting!

  • I almost four but ideally five stones to lose, i am 63 and i know its not going to be easy. My freind next door is like a beanpole, and eats anything she wants, life isn't fare sometimes.

  • Sorry just seen x

  • Break it down into smaller segments, go for half a stone at a time and give yourself a little (non food) reward every tin you hit one of your targets.  Good luck, keep in touch x

  • Thanks Anne, lets hope you've inspired me, right?

  • I hope so 😜

  • you live in the countryside, so yes, you are not near a gym, but you have the best place to get fit all around you. If you start with little walks and build it up on a daily basis, take in the lovely nature as you are walking. And as for gardening, it isn't everybody's cup of tea, but can be very fruitful, energetic or relaxing (depending on what type of gardener you are). But i wouldn't mind betting on it that once you really take a look around you, you will get with it. I am lucky to live on the outskirts of a small town, and there is a canal close by, that i love to walk along. Good luck.

  • Find good things to listen to on your walks. If you get lost in an audiobook or good podcast then you'll find yourself looking forward to your walks so you can hear the next instalment. When I started running I just went up the canal for 15 mins, turned round and then came back - your walks don't need to be far, just frequent. Something small, but done regularly, can make a lot of difference. Also set a timer for how long you'll spend on the computer. Do 20mins intense computer time then 10mins of something active - cleaning, pottering in the garden, then back on the computer - in fact you'll find you use your computer time more effectively. Slowly create new habits, eventually you'll notice a change :)

  • Thanks so much for really helpful replies all!

    Good luck

  • Oh malzy you could be my twin 😄 I love my computer and watching tv, don't like gardening or housework and have arthritis 😃😃 I suspect I'm a lot older than you, I'm 70.

    In four and a half months I've lost 21lbs (ave. 1lb a week). Over 3 stone to lose at the beginning, but bit by bit it's going down.

    Like Ann, Karen, Rosey and Ruth have all mentioned, walking is what I do mostly too, a few times a week I walk round our village not in bad weather though. Yes the same scenery can get boring, but the health benefits outweigh an hour here or there. Also I then don't feel so guilty watching tv or on the computer 😄😄

    Good luck on your journey to good health 😀

    Mouse 🐭 

  • Well done Mouse, really admire that persistance

    I turned over a tiny leaf today, right foods, tidy some kitchen drawers, gardening a little, I'm exhausted!

    Just not used to moving, hope it gets easier?

  • Just a suggestion, but I started out on a mini under-desk cycle, £20, and really like it 😊 I now have a bigger exercise bike but the little one got me started, non- weight bearing so good for arthritic joints, and you you can watch telly as you cycle 😊

  • Thanks for that Anna. I'll take a look on Amazon

    In fact I can really feel the support here, now its over to "My fitness pal" to chart a few cals

    Cant wait till weekend for weigh in. SUREly I will have lost something

    Good luck all

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