My dessert

My dessert

Hi again, 

I am just posting my dessert, to link to my previous post regarding tonight's meal.  I wanted to show a photo of it, and so here it is:

It's a Mixed fruit salad with some Vanilla ice-cream.  

Calories are as follows:

Vanilla ice-cream - 45g = 113 calories

Kiwi fruit - 69g = 42 calories

Strawberries - 75g = 23 calories

Mango - (third of a fruit) = 47 calories

Drizzle Balsamic vinegar = 15 calories

Total calories = 240 calories.

I only have dessert on weekends usually, and I really enjoyed this.  I wanted to try a new fruit that I don't have very often (mango) and it was really delicious, but it was quite hard to cut it up!  Maybe it wasn't as ripe as it could have been...!

Really tasty though.

Have a great weekend! 

Lowcal :-)

p.s. If you are reading this post and would like to see the link to the main course, then here it is!

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36 Replies

  • Yummmm...mmmm! 😃

  • It was definitely Yummmmm  :-)

  • 😄

  • Looks delicious and very healthy :)

  • Hi Muffintop67,

    Thanks, I wanted to try out the mango mainly and felt it would go well with strawberries and kiwi fruits.  Talking of Kiwi fruits, I bought a massive punnet of them from Iceland for £1.00 - there were literally about 15 or more kiwi fruits in that punnet.  I can't believe how good value that is.  I've been having kiwi fruit on my porridge all week this week, and it's been really good.  I know it's full of Vitamin C.

    Hope you are having a good week and that the weekend is a really good one for you.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal. An Iceland store is coming into my local high street so I will be interested to have a look in there. That is good value for 15 kiwi fruit. Weather has been lovely so far and today looks to be good too. I am helping my husband redesign the garden and I bagged up 10 bags of soil yesterday. Am feeling it a bit in my legs and shoulders this morning but hopefully it was helping to burn those calories. The Turkish meal I had out last night was delicious. I had chicken kebab which came with rice and salad. It was all fresh and beautifully cooked. Tried to work out calories but as couldn't weigh the meat I had to guess but hope I have not done too much damage. Hope your weekend had gone well too. :)

  • Hi Muffintop,

    I am so pleased to hear you had a lovely meal at the Turkish restaurant last night.  Your choice of meal sounds really good - I bet that was really tasty.  

    Great that you're doing all that work on the garden - that would work up an appetite for definite!    Hope your sore legs and shoulders recover soon.

    I enjoyed my long walk yesterday, and hope to do another of those later today - the weather is so beautiful.  I was good in terms of diligently tracking all my food and drink intake yesterday, but in the late evening I ended up 'snacking' against my better judgement, but I put those extra calories in MFP today, and it wasn't as bad as I'd thought.  So I am hopeful that I will have lost something for Monday's weigh-in.  

    Good luck to you, and here's to a great weigh-in tomorrow.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal.  I am sure all the walking you have done this weekend is bound to help with those extra snacking calories. Maybe just do a few extra steps today to compensate. Cannot believe its Monday again tomorrow - it comes round very quickly. Fingers crossed we have all lost a bit tomorrow. Enjoy your Sunday :)

  • Fingers crossed :-)

  • Looks absolutely fabulous ! Have a great weekend too !

  • Thanks !  :-)

  • I di find frozen fruits ( summer I add) good as a low sugar option, for breakfast!

  • That's a good idea, Diana.  :-)

  • I tend to have about a 1/3 bag, which us roughly 50 cals, frozen being better for you x

  • Your main course and your sweet course looks 😋 delicious i just had a ham sandwich and some sugar free jelly lol keep showing the pics they are definately a good incentive to other's. I love seeing all the pics😉👍onwards and downwards xx rosie😉

  • Hi Rosie-2015,

    Great to see you!  Thanks for your kind comments, and glad you like the pictures.  I will continue to post them as and when they look appetising!  :-)

    Your ham sandwich sounds good - I had sandwiches for my lunch today, and really enjoyed them.  I bet there were hardly any calories at all in your sugar free jelly!  

    Onwards and downwards, and look forward to catching up with you again soon.  Have a lovely weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi lowcal i had 2 sachets of quaker oats made with water and a little salt no milk,  200 cals and a pear for lunch lol. I'm away for a few day's on monday not as lucky as you we're just going to the east coast seton sands it's a hired caravan with a veranda .i'll be sitting outside i hope lol maybe get a walk along the beach. Enjoy your weekend l hope to sign in on monday before i leave onwards and downwards😉👍xx rosie

  • That's great that you'll be off on some exciting travels for a good break to the East Coast (Seton Sands) - I can imagine you enjoying sitting on your lovely Veranda enjoying the views.  Glad you'll be popping in for a Monday group weigh-in before you go.  :-)

  • And where the wine ? 👍👍👍🍾🍾🍾🍷🍷🍷

  • Hi June,

    I've not had any wine for about a week... Not really sure why - I usually have some when I go out to eat, but I've not been out this week for any meals, so didn't have any wine...!  I only have a small glass, I like to savour it and my previous tendency to have half a bottle is a thing of the past, except for when I'm on holiday, when I do drink a bit more.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Both your dinner and sweet look very appetising Lowcal. Enjoy the weekend SUN....

  • Hi Marianne,

    Thank you for your kind comments, and I hope you also enjoy the weekend sunshine too.  

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Good luck for Monday's weigh-in.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal. Heres to Monday...

  • Yes, let's hope it goes well.  But whatever happens, we can enjoy each and every day!  :-)

  • Oh how lovely, thats so helpful Lowcal, every day is a joy in itself. x

  • It certainly can be, Marianne, and even on those days that we might feel are stressful or challenging, there can still be moments of joy within those - it can just take a bit longer to find them on those days!  :-)

  • looks very yummy !  

    For a special treat  I dice fruit (strawberries, raspberries and blueberries) then add low fat yogurt (99 cals) as a layer. To top it I crumble I ginger biscuit (fox's 47 cals )  with an added 1/2 spoon of ginger powder and sprinkle over desert ...

    'Tis delicious and what makes it even better is that the calories are only approx 180 depending on how much fruit you use.

  • Hi MagsC,

    Thank you!  

    Your special treat sounds delicious - the ginger flavour would add some zing to your dessert.  I really enjoy the taste of ginger.  

    Your choice of fruit, all those tasty berries, is really great.  They make a lovely combination.  I think raspberries are my favourite, but I don't have that that often.  I usually buy some strawberries and blueberries most frequently.  

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.  I'm just about to go for a long walk, so I'm looking forward to that.  Normally I drink some coffee at home, but I've decided to go for a nice coffee in a place in town instead - so it will be something to enjoy after my walk.  Just a simple coffee with a dash of milk, so not one of those highly caloried ones... - but hopefully it will be nice ground coffee with some good taste.  :-)

    I've also printed off 'Week 1' of the NHS 12 week plan, as I decided to follow suzybenj 's lead, and - re-boot by re-doing that plan from beginning to end.  I've not used the E-mail support before, but signed up for that, and I have to say I was impressed.  It gave me some 'tips for dieting' alongside the information in the general plan, - really helpful.  I've printed off the Week 1 food and activity chart, and filled in my starting weight and waist measurement, so I'm good to go...

    Sorry - more information than you probably wanted to know, I'm just excited that I will hopefully finally shift my remaining pounds to get to my idea weight, and I feel inspired now.  

    Have a lovely Saturday!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Sure you will do it Lowcal :)

  • Awww, thanks Muffintop,

    I appreciate your encouraging words!  :-)

    Wishing you a wonderful Sunday!  :-)

  • More digging today but at least I will be out in the sunshine and hopefully burning calories. I think your idea to re-boot the 12 week plan is a good one. Glad you signed up to the email support - hope they are as helpful to you as you are to us all on this forum :) :)

  • Yes, that idea was totally inspired by suzybenj - who suggested it yesterday, and so I followed her lead.  I am keen to lose my remaining pounds, and I thought I would rely on the very reliable 12 week plan to help me to do that.  I must say I feel positive and optimistic so far.  

    Great that you're doing more digging today in the sunshine - hope you have a lovely day, and look forward to catching up with you tomorrow.  :-)

  • That dinner from start to finish looks very yummy and healthy!  I'm having a terrible week, unfortunately.  Son needed baking ingredients for Friday and this meant having half a pack of butter in the house, which is now gone.  Butter is just so bad for me, I can't have the stuff in the house or it's buttered toast fests, I totally lose control - ridiculous!  Then he brought home the and cinnamon.  Well it was lovely - too lovely.  Full of sugar too, and of course, the rest of that butter.  I am expecting the worst on Monday!  Back on it again now but I remember the ill effects of buttered toast etc at Christmas so I might just run away and avoid the Monday weigh in!

    Hope you are having a great weekend.  :-)

  • Hi WeightWarrior,

    I know what you mean about butter, I have it on my bread and it is especially tasty on toast.  Your son's baking that apple and cinnamon cake would be too tempting not to sample, and as cakes go the contents are healthy!  Apples are good and so is cinnamon.  I guess it depends on the size of the slice and how much sugar etc is in it...  Oh well, don't let it put you off WeightWarrior, you're "back on it again now" and there's still plenty of the weekend left to go - have a read through the various posts and try to get re-motivated.  

    suzybenj has done a really motivating pledging post today, and she fired me up - I was 'flagging a bit' mid-week, and felt I was in danger of over-indulging.  But I now feel 'back on track' and motivated - and I hope you'll feel the same way. 

    I hope we'll see you on Monday for the weigh-in.  Whatever happens on the scales, it can really help to check in and touch base with everyone, so really hope to see you - but at the end of the day, it's your choice to do whatever you want.  We don't put pressure on people.  

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and thanks for your kind comments on my meal.  I did enjoy it.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I'm already thinking about future baking episodes.  He will have to take margarine instead I think.  Either that, or ask permission to double up the recipe ingredients and take two tins, then just go round the elderly neighbours and offer the cake round to get rid of it.  I wasn't prepared for this and I know I should have been.  It was really stupid of me to be honest.  I'm a sucker for home made cake, I ate too much, and that's my fault entirely.  I know my son would have been upset if I didn't try it, but also he's old enough to know what I'm trying to achieve and why I'm doing it.  I let myself down really.  I'll talk to him about future baking and how we will deal with it, I'm sure he will understand.  The good news is that apparently one of the things on their agenda for baking lessons (dunno what you call them these days, used to be Home Economics when I was at school) is stir fry - hooray!  If need be I will ask in advance for the contents of the recipe to be modified as I'll be the only one at home who will eat stir fry.  We'll clear it with the teacher, I'm sure it will be fine.  Another life lesson learned along the road from this, so it's all good, just disappointed that I will probably gain, especially after such a good result last week.  Ah well, c'est la vie eh?!  Onwards and downwards (eventually lol!).

  • Onwards and downwards, eventually!  Lessons learned, and moving on...!  :-)

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