It's the Weekend!!! :-)

It's the Weekend!!!  :-)

Hi everyone,

I am so relieved that the weekend is finally here.  I've been looking forward to it!  

I was wondering what everyone's had for dinner tonight?  I'm going to post my main course and also my dessert, because I thought they were both quite colourful as well as filling and tasty...!  Firstly, this is my main course - it's a Chicken Chinese Stir-fry, and the calories are as follows:

Chinese Stir-fry mix (from Cooperative - only cost £1) - 320g = 112 calories

Cajun chicken (this was pre-cooked so I chopped it up and added it into the stir-fry - 100g = 125 calories

2 small tomatoes on the vine - 32 calories (may have over-estimated the calories here)

1 tbsp olive oil - 120 calories

1 tbsp chilli sauce - 26 calories

Total calories = 415.

I'm going to post a link to my dessert here:

 My dessert is some mixed fruit (strawberries, kiwi fruit and mango)  with some vanilla ice-cream:

Total calories of the dessert = 240 calories.

Therefore total meal calories = 655 calories (main plus dessert).

I usually only have desserts on weekends, and I really enjoyed it!

Please share what you've had for your meal this evening, if you want to.  It would be lovely to hear from you.  

Wishing everyone a great weekend.  

Lowcal :-)

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47 Replies

  • No pic from me, had sea bream with new potatoes and broccoli, herb butter, and maltesers!  ( the nibbles struck!).

    Things looking good currently, my first maintaining week for a while....

  • Hi Diana,

    Your meal sounds really delicious!!!  Fish is so healthy and delicious!  

    Yes, those nibbles do tend to strike sometimes, don't they!!!  :-)

    Really glad your week is going well so far, and fantastic that you're enjoying your first maintaining week for a while. 

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks, I hope you 'behave ' foodwise 😉, and don't ruin your fab efforts, we've figures to think of, or in the making!

    Monday will be here soon enough!

  • Hi Diana,

    I was already beginning to go off the straight and narrow mid week - I had received a very late Birthday present containing some really nice looking chocolate, and I ended up eating half a bar of it one night and then another half a bar the next night - my husband ate the other halves - so we both felt bad for over-indulging like that.  Half a bar was 538 calories...!  Oh no!!!

    Anyway, I decided I need to re-focus and get myself back on track this weekend, hence I turned to a delicious stir-fry and also the mixed fruit salad.  I am going to pre-plan my meals for tomorrow later tonight, and will hope to 'be good' over the weekend, in preparation for a hopefully good weigh in on Monday.

    That's the plan, anyway!!!

    Like you say, Monday will be here soon enough.

    Lowcal :-)

  • That all sounds delish lowcal! I might try the main course myself 😉. I had lemony garlic chicken with an odd mix of veggies because it was before the shopping was delivered so whatever was left (leeks, pepper and mange tout!) No dessert as such but nibbled some almonds for 140 calories 😃 and enjoying a low cal hot choc now! 😊

  • Hi Fab_Jem,

    Your Lemony Garlic Chicken meal sounds really good!  Leeks, pepper and mange tout sounds like a great selection too.  Almonds are really delicious and nutritious too.  Hope that low cal hot choc is enjoyable as well.

    Thanks for commenting on my meal - I can recommend the stir-fry - I used to use those 'stir-fry sauces' in the past, but realise that adding in a couple of small tomatoes and the olive oil and tablespoon of chilli sauce makes a really great 'sauce' - and doesn't have as much added sugar and salt etc as the shop-bought sauces.  The liquid from the tomato really makes it - and having hot tomatoes is so healthy as it releases lycopene which is really good too.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I can't believe the way I used to cook years ago, lots of ready made sauces everyday, loads of butter, ready meals but I guess time was short then and I ate what I could. Feels so much better aiming for healthy overall though. I'd hate to not be cooking from scratch now. How times change lol! 

  • They certainly do!  :-)

  • Hi, I had a crappy dinner Knorr Minestrone Soup half a pack with 244 g of cooked potatoes, that was 104 cal + 210 cal = 314 cals. There was hardly any protein or fat in that, and I felt hungry quite soon, so I ate an oatmeal consisting of 40 g oats, water, and 125 g vanilla flavoured yogurt, calories 244. So total calories 314 + 244 = 558. I'm shortly going to have 2 coffees with skimmed milk, and call it a day.

  • Hi Katty,

    Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy the Knorr Minestrone Soup - I can understand you felt hungry afterwards, and at least you've had some oatmeal.  

    Hopefully you can plan some nice meals to enjoy over the weekend - pre-planning can definitely help.

    I didn't have much carbohydrate in my evening meal tonight as I'd eaten some wholemeal sandwiches for lunch, and decided the stir-fry was quite bulky and filling.  Normally I'd share the amount with my husband, but he's away this weekend.  That's another reason I want to try hard to stay on track, as I know being home alone for a weekend can be challenging for me!!!  

    Enjoy your evening and have a great weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • At least it was easy to not have seconds and I saved some calories :) Also got the real dieting feeling LOL :) Tomorrow got to do some grocery shopping to get some protein.

  • Hope you find lots of tasty things during your grocery shopping tomorrow.  :-)

  • Thanks ! The taste wasn't so horrible actually, it was the soup's inability to demolish hunger that ruined the experience. 78 % of today's macros were carbs, so that didn't help much either.

  • Glad it tasted good.  :-)

  • That looks a lot nicer than my dinner tonight. I tried the Linda McCartney vegetarian sausages and was not that impressed unfortunately. I am going out to a Turkish restaurant with some friends tomorrow night so am looking forward to that dinner. Going to try hard and work out my calories to keep within my allowance. Have a lovely weekend in the sunshine :)

  • Hi Muffintop67,

    I have the Linda McCartney vegetarian sausages about once a week, but I choose the flavour called '"Vegetarian Red Onion & Rosemary Sausages' as I find they are much nicer in flavour than her original ones.  Might be worth giving them a try?  

    How exciting that you're going to have dinner in a Turkish restaurant tomorrow night.  I bet that will be really good.  I hope you have a really great time and enjoy all those lovely flavours and delicious foods.

    Yes, it's supposed to be really hot and sunny this weekend - chance to get out and about.  I'm hoping to do a long walk tomorrow at some point.  Probably the morning.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I haven't seen that flavour so I will look out for them next time I go to the  shops. I have looked at the menu of the Turkish restaurant  and looks like they do lots of meat and salad. So I am hoping that if I keep away from the carbs I should be ok. They also don't do very many deserts so although my husband is not happy about that I am relieved! Yes looking forward to a walk at the weekend too. Want to check out our local woods and see if the bluebells are still flowering.

  • Bluebell woods are so beautiful.  I never tire of visiting them at this time of year.  Really lovely!  Hope your bluebells are still flowering and I hope you enjoy your walk.  

    Do let me know what you think of the sausages when you do try them out.  I definitely think the flavour is better than the original version.  

  • Thanks I will :)

  • Hi Zest Just wanted to report that I had the Linda McCartney onion and rosemary sausages for dinner tonight and they were much tastier than the plain ones. Thanks for the suggestion. Hope you are having a good week. :)

  • Hi Muffintop67,

    I am so glad you enjoyed them!!! I think they are a nicer flavour - really glad you liked them.

    Yes, my week is good so far, thank you. :-) Hope yours is too.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Yes going well so far but a bit nervous for the weekend as it is my husbands birthday on Friday and my daughters 18th birthday on Saturday. Lots of cake will be available but I will try to only have a small piece!

  • I had a couple of pancakes stuffed with feta and red peppers with a side salad and I've just had a bag of metcalfe's cinnamon sweet popcorn. Yum that's the calories done for today x

  • Hi Nomoreexcuses,

    I love feta cheese, it is such a delicious type of cheese - and your combination with red peppers and a side salad in your pancakes, sounds really delicious!  

    Also, flavouring popcorn with cinammon - that sounds yummy.  I often sprinkle cinammon onto porridge, and also onto yoghurt, and it really adds a great flavour.

    Your calories for today sounds really yummy!

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal. It was good. I'd been out running before dinner so it was much needed. Yours looks good too. I'm cooking from scratch a lot more now and the food tastes so much better. Have a good weekend too. See you for the Monday weigh in xx

  • Thanks, let's hope our Monday weigh-ins go well.  :-)  Brilliant that you've enjoyed a run today.  I managed to have a jog outside in the fresh air earlier in the week, and I really enjoyed it.  I must do that again soon.  :-)  xx

  • I'm doing c25k..just about to start week 7. It was the first rUn in a couple of weeks (been nursing a cold) and I felt it but it was good to get out again. Good luck for Monday x

  • Thanks!  You too.  :-)  Hope you feel better from your cold soon.  Assuming you are already, as you had your run.  :-)

  • That sounds so nice! 

    I'm just having a bowl full of whole wheat pasta with a big dollop of pepper pesto served with some roasted aubergine and courgette and thrown in some jumbo king prawns. 😊

    441 kcal and heaps of fibre and protein. 😊

  • Hi Foodie87,

    I absolutely love wholewheat pasta meals - they are so delicious!  I really really like the sound of your meal - you've added some really great ingredients - like you say, heaps of fibre and protein, and complex carbs, and only 441 kcal - tasty, filling and delicious.  I think I'll give your version a go sometime soon.  I like the sound of it.

    Thanks for sharing!

    I know you've already done some facial exercises with that Lemon - I think you did a really great photo for the Oranges and Lemons Challenge - really great!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Lowcal :-)

  • The main menu was Mediterranean chicken thighs with olives and tomato puree tinned tomatoes courgettes and red peppers.  Small pasta and brown bread to mop up (homemade too of course :-) ) 384 calories for my portion . I even passed on the ice cream leaving that for Mr Mumpy. 

    Yes we've had mumps this week despite vaxes.  A separate side order of pasta ham and cheese sauce had to be cooked as it wouldn't require chewing.  Tonight's cheese sauce was cooked using cornflour with cheese added at end. Unfortunately I put if back on the heat. The sauce separated and looked disgusting ("Maybe he won't notice.  It tastes ok. Not nearly as bad as it looks"  Mam. What happened thd cheese sauce ? If looks all watery.  And tge cheese is in lumps."  " It's fine. Just a flaw in the cooking process" He wasn't fooled and ate little .

    Anyhow how virtuous was that? 384 calories!  (And another 300 gor the half bottle of wine)

    And yes Mr Mumpy appears to be heading towards recovery if not quite in recovery yet.

  • Hi Derrygeel,

    I'm so sorry to hear you've had Mumps this week, and despite being vaccinated as well - really hope Mr Mumpy recovers very soon, and glad he appears to be heading towards recovery at least.  That's good!

    Your Mediterranean Chicken meal sounds really delicious and very healthy.  I really like the Mediterranean diet, it is definitely a way of eating that is healthy for the heart, and so many research articles support that way of eating.   I remember you make your own bread, as you kindly gave us a recipe thread to add into the Recipe Collation post - and I admit I still need to give it a go, as I would like to make some homemade bread, and your recipe looks particularly good!  Thanks for the reminder!!! :-)

    Did you have red wine?  I always associate that with Mediterranean food - so just wondering what you chose?  I know some people have white wine with chicken, but I would choose red I think.  I haven't had any wine for over a week!  Wow!  I usually only have one glass, but I do enjoy it when I have it.  I drank more on holiday though - had to celebrate my 50th afterall.  It's a while ago now, but I'm still getting the holiday excesses off.  

    Have a lovely weekend, and hope full recovery happens really soon.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Looks yummy xx

  • Thanks June.  :-)

    Hope you have a good weekend.  xx

  • I had homemade fish and potato pie made with salmon with carrots and butternut squash always goes down a treat here, yogurt for pudding. Was very yummy 😆

  • Hi Shortcake69,

    Homemade fish pie is another absolute favourite of mine - that sounds really delicious!  I like your topping of using butternut squash and carrots, what a good idea!    Delicious yoghurt for pudding too - lovely!

    Glad you enjoyed it, and I hope you have a really great weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I wasn't sure which of your threads I should post on Lowcal, so I've plumped for this one :)

    Both courses of your menu today look absolutely scrumptious and I could quite happily polish them off! :)

    Today, I've had roasted vegetable curry with cauliflower rice, followed by strawberries with double cream (blame FizzyLiz for giving me the taste for them! ;) )

  • Hi Moreless,

    Great to see you!  Thanks for your lovely comments on my dinner.  Much appreciated!  :-)

    Your dinner sounds really good - that roasted vegetable curry will be flavoursome and having cauliflower rice is such a great idea.  I think it's great that FizzyLiz has given you the taste for strawberries - I'm sure you'll be enjoying some Oranges and Lemons in the very near future as well.  :-)

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I must admit, I've been wracking my brain for a way to use lemon, other than in a cake, alcohol, or as a dressing. I think I shall use it on a fruit salad (with oranges) and hope that it encourages the release of the fruit sugars :)

    Wishing you a smashing weekend too :)

  • Sounds like a good idea Moreless.  :-)

    Just incase anyone is reading this and is wondering why we're discussing Oranges and Lemons, I'll give a link here to FizzyLiz 's Challenge:

    I'd recommend the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Challenge, and the mini challenges are a fun part of it too.  :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Good thinking Lowcal! :)

  • Wow, can you believe the time - it's midnight already.  We're burning the midnight oil...  I'm off to bed now, so wishing you a Goodnight!  :-)  Sleep well yourself, when you go to bed.  :-)

  • I've just realised that myself! :o

    Night night Lowcal, catch you tomorrow :)

  • On Friday I had smoked Mackeral strips (Sainsburys 1/2 pk) with salad.  I don't like lettuce so always have rocket and watercress instead.  Tomatoes, spring onions, diced red pepper and beetroot (which I love).  As a dressing I mixed 1/2 teaspoon of coriander paste with lemon juice.

    It was yummy and very satisfying... lol ! 

  • Hi again MagsC,

    That also sounds really delicious - Mackerel is such a healthy fish and very tasty!  I agree with you that rocket and watercress is much tastier (and also more nutritious) than lettuce.  Beetroot is another favourite of mine - I must get some!  

    Your dressing for your salad sounds really good.  

    Yummy and satisfying is a great combination, thanks for sharing!

    Lowcal :-)

    p.s. Definitely off out to do that long walk now...  :-)

  • No photo, but we had our first BBQ of the season ...just the two of us. I  ate one lean, good quailty, quaterpound steak burger well grilled, with a mixed green salad, 1 tbs coleslaw, 3 tomatoes roasted in balsamic.  I almost NEVER eat white bread but I did weaken with a small crusty roll , which I just fancied, with a mini portion of camembert.  My 'dessert' was a handful of fresh raspberries and 3 squares of Green &Black 85% dark chocolate 😊

  • Hi Elliebath,

    Lovely that you enjoyed your first Barbecue of the Season - sounds excellent!  Fresh raspberries - I love those.  I've managed to buy some on my way home today, so I am looking forward to a mixed fruit salad later - probably melon, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries.  Yum!!!  

    Your raspberry and chocolate mixture sounded lovely!  Dark chocolate does have some great nutritional value - in moderation of course.  :-)

    Hope you're enjoying this beautiful sunny day.

    Enjoy the weekend!

    Lowcal :-)

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