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No surprises

Well no surprises with my weigh in today No loss :-(  had still hoped for 1lbin 2 weeks )

But I thot sod it , I am away to London Friday for weekend and I am going to be disciplined until then , I have been to gym today eaten healthy no more bread and plan to cook a big veggie chilli to last all week .Also going to go to gym every day till Thursday even for 30mins. Got to get my Mojo back!!!

The trainer at gym said they noticed a difference in my midriff was a tiny bit chuffed.

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Your may just find a sod it weekend shifts things, as long as it's not too major!


I know I will be getting plenty exercise when away so as long as I keep off the junk . Think the problem may be the wine with the girls However I have bought lo-cal wine to take with me for night cap!! I am not a heavy drinker infact the opposite to if I end up on water nobody will think any different.

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Yeah well I'm almost a non drinker too, it's nice not to feel crap after things

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