Nervous first weigh in

Today is my first weigh in I need to lose 2stone but my aim is to get I stone off in time for my holidays hopeful not to look like a beached whale this year.

My starting weight was 11 stone 8 pounds today I am 11stone 6 lb

My waist was 41inches today it is 39 inches realy pleased nice steady start 

Love this community lots of good tips and help.

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  • that's brilliant, well done!

  • Thanks I was a bit dissappointed with the weight loss because I have been so good no choc or crisps or eating between meals but when I saw my waist measurement I was realy pleased.thankyou for your reply.

  • Nice start well done!

  • Thank you for your reply I do feel pleased with myself I was worried that I wouldn't have done any good Swimming cossie hear I come.

  • Don't be disappointed if the weight loss is not showing on the scales yet, it took four weeks for me, then a big drop! So keep going, you'll get there!

  • Thanks for your support I think we are all a bit impatient but it's another week now and I intend to stay with it.

  • Well done Holiday, but did you want to join the group weigh-in? Here's the link if you wanted to :)

  • Thanks for all your help but the links don't seem to work for me so after trying several times I have decided to go it alone just stick with the forum for tips ect.

  • I'm sorry to hear that the link doesn't work for you holiday and that you've decided against joining the group weigh-in. However, you'll never have to "go it alone", because we'll all still be here to support you :)

  • At that rate you'll be needing new jeans! Well done and keep it up.

  • Don't think the new jeans will be needed for sometime yet.

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