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Arrgghhh 2 cheat days this week

Arrgghhh 2 cheat days this week

My plan was to have no cheat days and be 100% committed but ended up going to a relaxed cinema viewing  on Friday with my toddler and ordering  popcorn  then kids pizza and chips  🙈😭

Then having an over indulgent dinner yesterday at my aunties with wine I haven't really lost much this week around a pound but dreading what my weight will be mid week after the way I have eaten this weekend. joining the gym end of next week need to get focused also going to download couch to 5k this morning which I was scared to do but going to do this morning .....

Seeing it as long as I don't put back on any weight the changes I am making are massive compared to the eating habits I had previous to deciding to make a change. 

Eating popcorn with my little one 😭🙈

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Great idea to start the gym and couch to 5k.  How about not having a cheat day next week to balance things out. Just keep thinking about the end goal. May be a motivational item of clothing you would like to get back in to. 


Yeah that sounds good was planning not to have cheat days so need to stop these slips just so used to eating whatever I want and don't get me wrong I haven't been going hungry eating healthy just keep craving bad stuff 


I've only just started but I think I will have exactly the same problems.

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It is hard but I guess even little improvements and small amounts of weight loss all help you reach the final goal 


Gorgeous photo marieesta! Your little boy is very handsome. You've given yourself a bit of a telling off now draw a line under it and start again. It's always difficult when someone else is offering you hospitality. It seems rude to say no. My mum-in-law does a lot of baking and I usually feel obliged to sample the goodies...not that she has to twist my arm too much ;) This time though, a switch has clicked in my head and I am refusing the goodies. It does give you a small boost to know you've been good and it will eventually lead to a healthier you! I have a strong familial history of vascular disease, heart attacks, strokes, dementia and the like. Even though those cakes look lush in the short term having a long and healthy life is just more appealing in the long term...and that's what this is all about. There is nothing wrong with a treat now and again as long as it is just now and again. I am only 3 weeks into my health kick and I find it best to avoid all treats for a good while until a healthy lifestyle is my everyday lifestyle. Then you will find you don't crave the junk food and if you do have a treat you tend to only want a small little taster. The naughty stuff does eventually lose its appeal, I promise!...especially after you've spent ages doing exercise to work off that pesky cake, pizza or biscuit. You start to realise it's not worth the effort of eating ;) Good luck. 


It really is and I have stopped craving things and have been making healthy choices at home it's just when it's in front of you is where the challenge lays. 

I think I also need to learn to throw the kids dinners in the bin after they no longer want it as have a habit of finishing what they don't want 😭 

Hate the thought of it been wasted 

Lost 7lb in the first two weeks 

4 stone left to loose hope I can do it.


Having watched Mr Flytrap bringing in his favourite bread pudding over the years "for the boy", when I knew the boy didn't like it or want it, so Dad just HAD to eat it.  Think about whether the popcorn, the pizza and the chips were for him or you.   At the moment, he is probably too young to associate the pictures with a couple of hours of munching.  If you can break that link for him, that will be one less battle he will have in the future than you are having now.  In our family we have 2 older people who don't associate the cinema with munching and so can go to get away from food and one younger one who prepares as if he is going up Everest, with choc, popcorn, giant drinks etc.  So he can't go to the cinema to get away from that urge to munch like we can!  I know which I would rather be.  

I must admit, I am an enthusiastic guest.  I just make plans to make up for it before or later.  Or, if even that isn't a good idea, just forget about my day off and get straight back on it for the rest of the week.   I am loud in my praise of the food, but honest.   I only eat the things I genuinely like.  But to be honest, I love food, so it is hard to find something I don't like.  Perhaps say to Auntie how lovely it is to be cooked for and with all the old favourites.  But at some point you won't be able to have all your favourites on the same day, because you are really serious about eating healthily and getting to your target weight.  And that you know she will support you in this, because she has your best interests at heart.  Then at some point you will have to avoid having something so that she believes you.  You can always take pudding or something storable home for another day.  

If you are going to have a social life or even just live in the real world, there will be times when you weren't planning to have a treat but one arrives.  So you need to learn to decide when you will have them and when you won't.  When to have a teaspoon's worth and when a big slice.  It's all part of the learning process of eating healthily.  But you are reflecting on your week and you still lost a good lb, so you are already learning to manage down the surprises and treats.  And all that exercise you are planning will help with this too.  So you are ticking all the right boxes at the moment.  Hope you get a bigger loss out of an easier next week.  


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