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Stepping up a gear!

OK, I've convinced my best friend to join me so we can do this journey together. I'm already feeling more motivated.

I'm putting more changes in place. 

I've got breakfast already sussed no problem its usually porridge on work days and omelette on my days off & sometimes a bacon,beans,egg & mushrooms on a Sunday morning.

Lunches =4 days salad with ham,pasta or rice or jacket potato. 3 days prepared one pot meals such as chilli , casserole or bolognese for my late working days.

Suppers= 4 days home cooked healthy meals + 3days ryvitas, soft cheese,ham and salad.

This way I won't be eating late and varying my meals throughout the week.

I am tempted to go back the gym 2 times a week before work & 1 evening as my friend has joined already and once I get into the mindset I'm good.

Change is good.

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Great to hear you planning and so organised 😊 It really helps ! Good luck with the gym too, making it a social event will help too 😊

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You do sound motivated I'm sure you will do well. 😄

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