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Greetings, ok, so...after my admission of failure, I decided to take charge and get this thing sorted. I logged all the calories of my excessive 2000 cal binge and set about rectifying it. I exercised loads the next day and by the end of play i was a -165 instead of a -2000. Today I have exercised and had loads of fun walking to the park with my snottery 3yr old and  I am at a + 475 cal. So, the moral of this story is, if you have a lapse you can pull it back and get back on track if you deal with it immediately and don't allow a one evening blip become a week long binge.

A wee side note, but an important one. My sister came for dinner and announced she fancied having a drink but I had no coke. Without evening thinking I popped my shoes and coat on and walked to the corner store which as it turns out is a 12 min trip there and back. Last year that thought would have never have crossed my mind. I would have taken the car and thought it was fine....Im changing ME folks......

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Love it, these small things do add up, well done!

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How great to know you have conquered all even including the dread exercise.  So it wasn't a failure at all but (all together now) a learning experience.  I love your sister and coke story.   Isn't it great when one of those lovely "well done me" experiences happens.  I "accidentally" managed to walk more than 13,000 steps yesterday.  My previous recent highest total being just over 5,000.  So thrilled.  But there is a little head voice saying, "All very well but how will you top that today?  Or even match it?"  I'm ignoring her and just doing the planned walk, to see how far it is.  Aren't we doing well?  


I'm so glad you made such a quick recovery, you must be feeling very happy.  Well done, a lesson for us all.


Hi Maiziepops,

What a lovely post, and very inspiring - pulling it back and getting back on track after a lapse - you did it!  Great outcome!  

You are changing YOU, and you're doing really well.

Have a great weekend, it's nearly here!

Lowcal :-)

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That's they way to do .Funny how so many small things can make a difference .

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