Trying to lose weight around middle

Hi, Just to say hi and introduce myself properly. I am trying to lose weight around my middle mostly. Although the whole lot could do with a slim down. I suffer depression so the exercise part is harder I feel. I was quite good last week, not so great this week. 

I am also finding it hard to get a scale that works. I have purchased three in a week :( still not sure how much I weigh. Anyway hi and look forward to chatting and supporting others too. 


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  • Scales are not always the best guide due to water , muscle mass you should just pick one and stick with them and use a tape measure instead its a nice feeling to see a difference in inches when scales may only say 2lb loss .There are some exercises on this website for toning if you are not keen on classes or gym ,maybe you could try them .

    Stick with it give your self a chance to prove you can do it even is its only 2 weeks at a time .

  • Thanks for the feedback!

  • Always use the same scale to weigh - it doesn't matter if it is exactly right - it will show if you are going up or down.  Waistbands & belts are a good sign that things are going the right way too.

    As regards "Exercise" - you will burn calories doing anything that involves movement - you just need to find something that you enjoy doing. 

    For toning up your middle, you might find a dance  or martial arts class beneficial?  Join a Badminton club?  Swimming is always a good all-over workout.  Walking or Cycling burns calories from all over and again, the fresh air and sunshine does wonders for your mood.  Even Gardening will strengthen you if you don't overdo it.

    Horse-riding is excellent for core-body strength, although not cheap - but a great way of getting rid of depression!  Worth saving up for! 

    Hope you find yourself a fun way to get toned, and that your low spirits vanish too!

  • Exercise can really help with a low mood, maybe find a friend to go walking with so that you can chatter, I've done that over the years and it's helpful and good exercise too.  A good starting place.....

    I have two sets of scales, I've decided to go with the digital ones (although I'm heavier on them) because they seem to be more consistent.  Maybe get out the scales, weigh yourself 3 times in the same spot (always on a hard floor) on each set and see what set give you the same (or most consistent) results then just stick with that set and take the others back to the shops.

    The NHS 12 week weight loss plan is great and I recommend.  I'm on week 6 and have shifted the best part of a stone now.  I got an old top out of the cupboard that I really like.  I've washed it and looked at it and I just leave it on the side.  I've not tried it on, but I like it and it's a great motivator for me.

    Good luck!

  • Good on you. It must feel amazing when you can wear old clothes you love. I know for myself I've packed a lot away, some I tossed. I can't wait for that day. 

    (Some I look pregnant in, which is the worse thing ever)

    Yes, walking is awesome. Perhaps I can find a walk buddy around my area somehow, as I am not from the UK and so need to make new friends at some point.

  • Look into local walking groups - they often do some shorter walks to get people started and it is a good way to get chatting to local people.  Google "The Ramblers" too, who are a national walking organisation.

  • That's a good idea. I do need to meet others with the same goals. thanks :)

  • Hi SlimSadi, would you consider doing couch to 5k at all? I found it made a great difference to my middle - just over a year since starting couch to 5k I've now lost over 5 inches off my waist. I started learning to run in just normal clothes, and needed my inhaler after just trying to run a minute. But it's been amazing for increasing my fitness and overall motivating me to lose weight. And a great destresser too. And I don't remember when I last even used my inhaler.... Hope you'll consider giving it a go!

  • I think so yes, I received my 'pack' via email on Monday so I reckon I need to look at it. Very daunting. I also use an inhaler, so your comment really is a motivation. 5 inches off the waist is huge. I carry my weight in my waist and arms probably and face. Plus I have a double chin. Ugh!

  • When I got my asthma checkup at the docs they were amazed at the improvement I made. I definitely wouldn't see anything like needing an inhaler etc put you off running. It's a naturally motivating experience, and I found couch to 5k a very manageable way to get into it. You can always take it slower than recommended if you want to ease yourself in more gradually. There's a great forum for couch to 5k on here too, really encouraging, and a really wide range of people, all ages shapes and sizes 😊

  • Hi Sweetie, I appreciate you are suffering from depression but fortunately for you, exercise is a benefit to both your mental and physical well being. Do you think you could manage two 15 min walks a day for a week? thats only 7.5 minutes of walking then you turn back. I started small walks and now I can do 7 miles and I LOVE IT!!!!! Its been my salvation in times of stress and the fresh air seems to work its magic on my overall mood. Its like a drug and its free lol I hope you can manage to do a little bit every day xxxx good luck 

  • Hi there, I hear you. I did manage it last week. I think that my weigh-in (and now I have discovered that the inches I had lost are back) has hit my motivation. Oh well, I'll keep trying. It must be great to get results. Well done on your 7 miles. That is so much. I once went to gym for a year and loved it and felt fab and high all the time. I just wish it would come back :) thanks for the support. xxx

  • Hi Sadi,

    Have you tracked what you are eating? Maybe you are too high on carbohydrates so if you compare this with the NHS guidelines this might be why you are putting it on around the middle? 

    Good luck and welcome :-) John

  • Thanks for the luck and welcome John. Yes I have been calorie counting. I was shocked to see how much was in one potato for example. I'm not a big eater, in fact I battle to consume the 1400 calories I'm supposed to eat each day. I see now though, in the past if I had lot of roast potatoes where I was going wrong. (That's what kind of irks me about certain T.V. programs where they say just don't eat so much. I really have to make myself eat most the time). 

    Have a great day!

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