Summer's on the way!

I am trying really hard to lose 8 lb per month. Having lost 2 stone by beginning of March everyone said that would be too difficult. I don't think I will make it to an 8lb loss this month but have managed 6lb so far and hope to lose at least another 1lb and I'm feeling very pleased with myself (very unusual feeling for me). With all the lovely summer clothes appearing in the shops it has really spurred me on and not only looking at clothes to hide my figure feels great! Happy Easter to all :-) 


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7 Replies

  • well done harobed, must be an amazing feeling! and clothes shopping will be a joy with the weight you've worked hard to lose.

    your post is the sort that inspires me to work harder and really want the same goal, 2lbs a week off. 

  • Thank you. I was surprised at how much seeing all the summer clothes arriving in the shops has helped me. I am going on holiday in 7 weeks and if there is any way I can lose a stone in that time I will be so pleased. If I don't quite get there though that will be OK too. (I am having to retrain myself to not give up if things don't work out perfectly to plan). So glad to have inspired you. Thank you :-) 

  • You are doing brilliantly harobed and sure you will lose that stone in 7 weeks, it will spur you on each week and don't worry if the odd week does not shed 2lbs it is up and down on this journey, !

  • well done Harobed ..thats a great achievement .

    seeing posts like this is very motivating.😃

  • Thank you. I have been so motivated by so many people on this site, so it is great news to hear  I can motivate 1 person in return :-) 

  • Hi Harobed,

    Wow, that's great that you've lost 6 pounds this month.  Glad you're feeling pleased, and hope you're coping with that feeling, as you said you weren't used to feeling like that.   Great that there are some lovely Summer clothes to spur you on as well. 

    Happy Easter!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks very much. Just been to the gym for a good long swim. Now I can enjoy a nice Easter roast (easy on the roast potatoes, heavy on all the veg though) without the guilty feeling to spoil my enjoyment :-) 

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