Where is my waist!

Feeling good today as I started to clear out clothes that are too big for me. Sorting out the trousers and checking the waist measurement on them I also checked my "waist" measurement, 43 inches, not too bad, then my OH said "that is not your waist, I can see your waist!" I looked in the mirror and - I could see my waist, apparently it had been hiding somewhere between my ribs and my belly button :-) So I measured there and low and behold it was 42 inches! Wow I lost 1 inch in seconds :-) So, feeling even better now :-) Also getting seriously short of trousers that fit me ! 


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15 Replies

  • That's fantastic news! A big congratulations! 😊 What an achievement and inspiration for others. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to reaching that stage sometime soon, have a great Easter Weekend, Sugar Plum x 

  • Hi John,

    How wonderful that you lost 1 inch in seconds like that!  :-)  Great that you're feeling good and having a good sort out of your clothes.  

    Have a lovely Easter weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • That is great, you are fast becoming the Incredible Shrinking Man!

  • ha ha it feels like that sometimes LTL until i glance sideways at the strategically placed bathroom mirror :-( Still a way to go but I am beginning to see the flicker of light at the end of the tunnel ! 

  • That really shows how much weight you have lost. Glad you found your waist.  :)

  • It's such a good feeling isn't it? Very pleased for you 😊

  • That's a fantastic excuse for a shopping trip, congratulations! 

  • Still a way to go yet, I hope, elliebath! I am just enjoying fitting into the clothes that used to fit me on the way up :-)

  • Looking forward to seeing the photo of a new thin you holding a gi-normous pair of trousers when you get to target!  You must keep one pair just for that...?

  • Always great to get new clothes, jusy please don't keep the bigger ones!

  • No chance! They are already in the charity shop! :-)

  • Great, I've just had to buy some new trousers as |I was starting to look ridiculous in a 36/38 waist when I need a 32!

  • Absolutely fantastic Steve, i might need your old ones ! 

  • Just goes to show how fat I've always been, I thought that my belly button was my waist! I didn't realise there was an alternative! :o

    Well done you for finding yours John and for it being an inch smaller! :)

    I'm off to see if I can find a waist that's an inch smaller now! ;)

  • Hehehe hello waist welcome :) cong.

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