Weight Wall

So I'm feeling significantly more chipper having actually stuck through the three week weight loss journey so far where I usually give up, but now I've reached the 10 stone 'weight wall'.

In previous weight loss attempts I've often got to near here, and then it suddenly gets so so difficult to break the 10 stone weight wall and get into the 9s.

How do you guys deal with the wall? Do you just carry on doing what you're doing, or make a special effort etc?


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6 Replies

  • Oh, that happens to me too, will be really interested to see the replies (although I can't offer advice), sorry.....

  • One or two weeks each month increase your natural fat intake (not so much that your regain weight), so that your body doesn't overreact by conserving energy in an attempt to re-establish homoeostasis.

  • This happens to me the 'weight wall' and when I reach one I find that sometimes I maintain and it can be frustrating, but if you just do a little more to break through you should find it will work and watch everything you eat from here on hun :-)

    Wishing you the very best at making it into those 9's

  • Hi Rose-A,

    I hit a wall of sorts around Christmas/New Year. I had got down to 17 stone and then up to 17 1/2 and then down and up and down and up. I just couldn't break that 17 stone barrier and keep going down. In late January I swapped from calorie counting to doing the Low Carb High Fat diet, and also trying to do the 16 hour fasting thing (you only eat during 8 hours of the 24).

    I found that this transformed my eating - I've always been a picker at night scouring the kitchen for something to nibble, even occasionally digging out the icing sugar and some butter and making myself some butter icing, when absolutely desperate. LCHF took away that picking habit within 24 hours for me. I feel full, I only eat when I'm hungry, and I probably eat only between 1 and 2 meals a day now. I have just dropped under 16 stone.

    I think ringing the changes makes a huge difference - it surprises your body, jump starts your metabolism, and also makes you think anew about what you are eating. There will probably be another time I need to jump start things, and I'll probably do the 5:2 diet (2 days really low cal, 5 days eating more or less what you want) to shake things up again.

    Good luck with the 10 stone barrier. I am sure that you will break through it shortly.

  • Now you mention it I think I experienced a similar thing in previous diets. I think make a special effort to push into the 9s and over the wall! :-) John

  • This may sound daft, but I've gone digital 😊 12 stone was my 'wall', I struggled to get under it, and bounced back up again as soon as I took my eye off the ball so to speak 😕 This time, my initial weight loss programme was through a local hospital and it was in kilos, and I now prefer this.

    Somehow taking the numbers out of the equation has helped. However, the losses have slowed down but that's fine. I had an extra big push last week after a holiday, cut out the 100 calories of 'treats' and upped the exercise, which did pay off but it was hard work! Not sure if I will show the same loss this week!

    Good luck! 😊

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