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Daunting exercise?

Ok so I need to start the other half of weight loss - EXERCISE ! I've joined my local council gym/swim/classes. I thought of swimming as I am extremely unfit and self conscious with the idea that the water will support my weight while I start my exercise journey. HOWEVER - I am terrified! I pack my bag the night before for swimming and when I wake up I just go back to sleep, I'm too scared I think to go! I don't know what to do :( anyone else been in this 1st step issue??

Thanks guys 😊

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Hi Connolly13,

It's great that you've joined your local council gym and swim classes, and I don't think your alone at all in terms of feeling some nervousness/anxiety about the prospect of going to your first session. I think it can be really hard to take that first step, especially if you're going by yourself. Is there a friend or family member who would maybe go with you for the first time?

I'm sure once you get your confidence to get to that first one, that you'll hopefully really enjoy it, and will be going regularly before you know it.

I really hope you are able to take that first brave step soon, so you can hopefully really enjoy some exercise. In the meantime, if the idea of the class remains too daunting, maybe go for a walk outside instead of returning back to bed, as that can really help you feel better in yourself, and walking is also great exercise - maybe that might make you feel more confident and improve your mood a bit to tackle the exercise class in due course.

Wishing you success in taking those first steps.

Hope you have a lovely day and a great weekend too.

Lowcal :-)


Hello Connolly, swimming is a great way to increase your fitness levels but just take it easy to begin with as if you have not swum for some time it will seem hard at first so maybe just swim a length then walk a length to begin with? Good luck John


Yes I have! Day one I told myself I!d drive to the leisure centre and no pressure to go in if I didn't feel like it. Having got to the leisure centre and gone in the time after, I told myself I only had to go into the changing room and no pressure to go in . I even told myself I could get changed and dip a toe and get out if I wanted. Once I'd taken the pressure off and broken it down into baby steps, I managed to go swimming and I don't know why I was feeling so anxious!

I'd also suggest Aquafit as all shapes and sizes of people go to these. Good luck x

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Hi Connolly,

Have you thought about walking? I was really unfit when I started last year (struggled to walk for 20 minutes and had to stop several times), but within a short time I was up to 5km walks and now up to 12 km.

Like you I used to swim but I found the time it takes (about 2 hours door to door) is just too much. A quick 20 minute walk only takes 20 minutes door to door and you don't have to strip off :)

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Hi, did you make it to the gym/pool? I would love to know if it worked out for you.

I had a terrible time getting the courage to go the first few times but it has become a lovely part of my life...


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