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Hi, I'm following the 12 week plan and using my fitness pal which I'm finding very useful but when it comes to breakfast time I'm staring to loose the will slightly with cereal as I'm trying to cut down my carbs. Mornings are time restricted and need to find easy and quick things that will keep me filled up and energetic from 8 til 1 when usually when i have lunch at work... Any ideas would be great, (pounds down so must be doing something right :)


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  • Omelette can be done whilst washing the pots, and scrambled egg is particularly quick.

    I have a smoothie too, consisting of fruit (usually berries), milk, greens and water most mornings.

    Leftovers make a good, quick breakfast sometimes.

  • Weekdays I often leave the house early so I take something to eat later. I then eat lunch about four hours later. Here are some options I've used.

    1. Whole grains bread roll, small banana and piece of feta cheese .

    2. 25g Muesli plus 5g soy bran soaked overnight with skimmed milk in small tupperware dish and eaten with fresh fruit.

    3. Keep hard boiled eggs in fridge. Egg, Apple and cheese is a quick low carb breakfast.

    4. Cold chicken, celery and fruit.

    Basically one piece of fruit, one large protein item and either dairy or carb.

  • Hi Healthymon13,

    There are a few suggestions in this thread as well (which is in the Pinned post area), but I've put the link here, incase you want to take a look through, incase you see any ideas you fancy trying:

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks everyone looking forward to trying different ideas n breakfast options.

  • My favorite breakfast is 1/3 cup of oats made into porriage with water. I then add 1/2 an apple chopped up into small pieces and 1/4 of plain yoghurt.

    If i don't have yoghurt, i add 6 almonds and milk.


  • Hi,

    I know a few people who are having less carbs and they like muffin quiches - you can make up a batch and then eat a couple for brekkie each day. I am sure there are lots of recipes around but here is a link to one that I found -

    Well done on your loss so far :)

  • I like overnight oats. 35g plain porridge oats in a Tupperware tub or anything with a lid, mixed with a mullet light yoghurt, put some frozen fruit on top, leave in fridge overnight.

    Then next morning, put lid on and take to work.

    Really keeps me full up.

  • Hi Healthymon13

    I got bored with cereals so now on weekday mornings I have 100g of full fat Greek yogurt (109 cals) with a walnut broken up into it. It tastes really naughty and keeps me feeling full until lunchtime.


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