Around the world in 80 days - Please post your steps/kms/miles for Monday 15 February (Part 1)

Around the world in 80 days - Please post your steps/kms/miles for Monday 15 February (Part 1)

Dear Travellers

We are now on Day 52 and have made it to the Solomon Islands.

Look at our view for today - simply beautiful. Oh my gosh the water is so clear and so warm. Who is up for a gentle swim? Daniel, Idris, Rachel and George will be joining us :D :D

Happy Travels everyone :) :) :)

P.S. Dont forget to post your Sunday kms on yesterday's thread then I can put up the weekly stats :D :D


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25 Replies

  • Sorry - I've lost yesterday's thread in amongst everything else today, so I hope you don't mind my kms from Sunday on this one.

    Me - 9.75km dog walks

    Mr L - 7.6km dog walk


  • I tried to respond to you just now Lucca, but whilst I could see your post on the news feed, when I entered the thread, it disappeared! :o

    We'll take sunday numbers anyway we can, as we're way short of our target so far! Well done both of you! :)

  • Not felt to good today. Sorry but only3,455 steps.

  • All steps are good steps Karen :)

  • You are a star. Thanks for the steps and thanks for checking-in even when you're not feeling particularly great. Best wishes for a speedy recovery :)

  • Another amazing resort for us to visit. Thank you so much Fizzy Liz. Your around the world voyage has motivated me so much to get more active. Today already I've hit 30 km. I just know I would never have got this far without you. I'm determined to get into the 10's by next Monday.

  • Woohoo, wtg Mimsta! You're amazing and the 10's are calling you. I can hear them :)

  • Thanks moreless, you are always there too giving me support and inspiration. Thanks sooooooo much 🙋🏻

  • That's the easy part :D

  • Lovely to hear that Mimsta :) :) :)

  • 7538 steps for me today.

  • Well done bd :)

  • Hi, just got out the local council pool so yes I would definitely like a dip in that gorgeous blue sea.

    My. Total for today is 18.5km. Cycling, swimming, walk-jogging in a 16:2:1 ratio. It will be a while before I try a triathlon!!!

    Have a nice evening everyone

  • LOL Gonti! I can't even say that word without breaking into a sweat! :)

    I think the Tour de France is more your thing ;)

    Fantastic total, as usual :)

  • Lovely picture!

    2.5km for today.

  • Well done Arbitdude :)

  • Hi Arbitdude, I hope everything's ok, because we haven't heard from you for 6 days? :)

  • Hi moreless,

    Thanks for asking. I was traveling last week and couldn't do my regular walks. Hopefully, that'll change from today.

  • As long as you're OK Arbitdude, that's the main thing :)

  • I'm fine! Thanks!

  • I'm very pleased to hear that :)

  • Hi everyone.

    I've been lazy with posting my K's the last week, sorry. Been a lot at work and privately, sorry.

    Friday 12th: 4.25 km

    Saturday 13th: 4.41 km

    Sunday 14th: 7.93 km

    Monday 15th: 11.41 (I might add to that still, not sure what I feel like later)

  • Thanks Carpo :)

  • 6459 steps today - those warm waters sure sound tempting as we plunge into minus figures tonight!

  • Well done Saga :)

    Don't remind me about those temps! :o

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