Around the world in 80 days- please post your kms/steps/miles for Saturday 13 February (Part 2)

Around the world in 80 days- please post your kms/steps/miles for Saturday 13 February (Part 2)

Dear Travellers

Wow what a lovely sunset this is. And the shoulder massage is just what I need after all that kayaking.

Tonight it's samba, pina coladas and Ricky. Barramundi and lobster on the BBQ manned by Daniel, Idris and Will :D :D

Happy travels everyone 😊😊😊


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106 Replies

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  • Oh wow Liz, that's a sunset and a half! It really looks as if the sky's on fire! :)

  • Not really looking at the sunset...

  • Oh you're thinking about building sandcastles! ;)

  • Aren't you supposed to fly out of your cave at sunset?

  • What a gorgeous sky.

    9km today

  • Fab number henlady :)

  • 11.4 k to report today. Most of it in a kayak. Loved the sunset.

  • Well done JC, you obviously don't have any balance problems :)

  • I have to sit really still and try not to wobble too much from side to side. Don't want to lose my glasses by falling in. Arms are hurting now though.

  • I've heard you can get prescription goggles - sounds like the perfect thing! :D

  • Yeah, they cost a fortune. When I move to the coast and kayak every day I'll think about it!

  • Sounds like a plan :)

  • I hope everyone had a good Saturday!

    I enjoyed a proper rest day and just clocked up a very light 3.2kms.

  • Good for you LtL, I've just realised how important rest days are :)

  • I think we all benefit from a rest day every now and then, hope you are feeling much less in pain now after The Bike Incident.

  • Definitely LtL and I'm feeling much better, thank you :)

  • Hi Lizzy, Moreless & Everyone,

    Beautiful sunset! :-)

    My kms for today are steps and/walking: 4kms.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well done Lowcal :)

  • Hi made myself walk for an hour in the drizzle to get my steps in today. Hit my target. 10,000 steps today.

  • Good for you Pog! :)

  • I'm such a muppet! Just realised what I have been doing. Writing post but not pressing submit!

    So Thursday - 3.44 kn

    Friday 5.12 km

    Sat 1.26 km ( completing VAT returns!!!) no time for steps :((

    Thanks for your patience.

  • What a silly billy! ;)

    Thanks for the update Gill :)

  • Too much sun lol x

  • Hi Gill, reminder for sun and mon so Liz can do the stats :)

  • Hey.

    Sorry to have missed a few days - hopefully the numbers are worth waiting for. So...

    Thurs - 6.9km

    Fri - 16km

    Sat - 27.2km

    I've had some friends to stay so we've done some serious walking - I think I might take it a bit easy tomorrow.


  • Woohoo Garfield, definitely worth waiting for! :)

  • How easy did you take it Garfield, cos I'm looking for K's for sun and mon so Liz can do the stats :)

  • What a lovely view :) I dragged myself out of my cave today and clocked up 15.7km walking around York looking at uni accommodation with our oldest son - pleased to have seen daylight but cream crackered now! Ed added dog walking to his total and came in at 22.3 :) I'm recovering with an early night!

    Happy travelling x

  • Wow Kate, it's amazing what we'll do for our kids! Wtg you and Ed :)

    Sleep well :)

  • Swimming under that dream!

    Mission accomplished today- 8.2 km 11000 steps.😀

  • Woohoo Phil, wtg you! :)

  • Hi 22km for me Saturday. Have a great weekend everyone.

  • Go Mimsta!! :)

  • hi Lizzy that looks to nice and a BBQ can't wait, today i managed 1206 steps. take care Alan xx

  • Well done Alan :)

  • hi there many thanks, i feel like a lift this week? up and down ha anyway take care speak to you tomorrow Alan xx

  • The good thing about that Alan, is that it shows you're moving :)

  • hi there i always say to people i've got two speeds slow and slower and if they don't like it then sorry, but whilst my legs keep me going i will do my best and with thanks to you all for your loving kind support Alan xx

  • Great number Alan. I didn't do well today due mostly to the weather. Really hoping to do better steps and calories starting Monday. Lost my focus a bit. Hey ho, tomorrow is another day x

  • hi there Bu-Dog just think of what's said by tesco's every little helps, that's how i'm going to focus from today take care my friend Alan xx

  • Sitting around the beach with my pina colada - cheers everyone 🍻

    10 km total, walking beaches is sooo tiring 😫

  • Oh absolutely Elissy, you've really earned that pina colada :)

  • Hi everyone,

    Finally managed a 10km walk today - felt better after than I have before :)

    So my total kms (walking) for today were 14.22 - pretty chuffed with that :)

  • Woohoo Sueper! Fandabedozy!! :)

  • 4.2 today

  • Well done Frankie :)

  • Reminder for K's for sun and mon Frankie, so Liz can do the stats :)

  • 5.8 walking and 6km cycling today. I just love this picture. Beautiful.

  • Fantastic Nussaybah! :)

    It's a fab pic, isn't it :)

  • Straight to the BBQ for me then!

    Unexpected heavy snow fall meant I struggled on the steps today but pleased to have managed 9104 steps, 6.2 kms which felt twice that trudging through the snow.

    Been out tonight and been naughty. Not pleased with myself but enjoyed the company.

    Tomorrow is re-focus day and plan menu for the week ahead. Can't get rid of this sweet craving! πŸ™

  • You had snow too Bu-dog? Where did that come from? It took me by surprise! :o Well done for managing to trudge through it :)

    Good luck with re-focusing this week - you can do it! :)

  • Saturday = 1.2 km's !!

  • All K's are good K's veganista. I hope you're not in too much pain and that you've been able to pack a couple more boxes :)

  • I'm still taking it easy moreless and no more boxes packed, I'm afraid I've lost my motivation with packing unfortunately, must get back to it this coming week!!

  • I don't blame you veganista. Do you have a deadline for your packing, or is it open ended? Maybe an idea would be to set yourself small goals, which will have you doing a small amount of clearing, every day, rather than a big whack in one go.

  • A new home could come up at any time ( last time it only took 13 weeks from me putting in my application to the council to me moving in here) so it could be anytime.

  • Oh crumbs, you'll want to be prepared then! :o

  • The difference with last time I was able bodied so it was much easier to pack and clear things. This time it's alot diffenrent - packing just 1 box and its agony and I'm exhausted. That's why I'm moving because I need a disabled bathroom now.

    Hard work but it will all be worth it once I'm in my new place πŸ˜ƒ

  • Do you not have anyone that could help you?

  • My parents have offered but I'm my own worst enemy coz I can't bear anyone around me and I'm too independent for my own good!! I'll get there somehow 😊

  • Good luck to you :)

  • Thankyou 😊😊

  • 17259 steps or 12.61k for yesterday

  • Great stuff Lexi :)

  • 4.7kms for me on Saturday, hoping to do a couch to 5k run tonight which will help. Happy Valentine's Day everyone ❀️

  • Good for you lynalla, hope the run goes well :)

    Thanks and the same to you :)

  • Love a good kayak. Could do with a leg massage today :) 12 mile run and 5.2 miles worth of steps. Active Saturday! X

  • Woohoo Steph! I should say that was an active saturday!! :D

  • Hi Steph, have you clocked any K's for sun and mon, so Liz can do the stats :)

  • I forgot to wear my pedometer Sunday and today - so I haven't got a km record unfortunately :/

  • Not to worry Steph, but we'd appreciate you letting us know, so Liz can get on with the stats :)

  • 3.37km for Saturday

  • Well done jenni :)

  • Lovely sunset! 7.61k for Saturday

  • Good going keep-on :)

  • Morning all newbie here-after meeting Fizzyliz at the samba class last night πŸ’ƒGoing to be joining you all, Mr Mix onboard too.

    My Km's are Sat=5.68, Fri=5.59,Thurs=5.49,Wed=2.56km's

    Mr Mix Sat=6.84km's

  • Hello and welcome Mr and Mrs Mix! We're delighted to have you join us on our trip of a lifetime! :)

    Will you be able to log on daily to give us your totals?

    Thanks so much for those totals, so far. I'll look forward to your update later :)

    Happy travels! :)

  • Hi. I do love a sunset. 7.1k for Saturday.

  • Me too Mrscaw :) Great total :)

  • 4.4km for Saturday

  • Well done Ruth :)

  • Have you got any K's clocked for sun and mon Ruth, so Liz can do the stats :)

  • Hello all!

    Hope you're all having a great weekend!

    Put me down for 12km please.

    5km park run

    7km walking.

    Thanks :)

  • That's brilliant Geza! :)

  • Got my park run 5k down to 31 minutes. Started off 3 weeks ago on 37 minutes. Hoping I get get it to under 30 soon!

  • Wow! Well done you, that's fantastic! :) It must be the next one that gets a minute shaved off! :)

  • I'd like to think so. Unfortunately I'm not too well this week, so I haven't done any spin today. Looks like I may not be doing much this week :(

  • Oh dear, poor you! I hope you haven't been overdoing it! :(

  • No, not overdone the exercise. The only thing I overdid was eating lots of heavy and rich food over the weekend. Given myself some tummy troubles is all. I'll be fine.

  • That'll teach you! :D

  • Aye! I was treating my girlfriend out to a meal on Saturday, then she cooked up a lovely meal Sunday. We also went to the cinema and had a few treats. I'll take this hit.

  • As long as it was worth it :)

  • 9.24 kms for Saturday.

  • Fantastic Don! :)

  • Samba my favourite dance

  • Have you got any K's clocked for sun and mon Lizzie, so Liz can do the stats :)

  • nothing extra for sunday but went swimming Monday and did half mile,had bad headache for 3 days so not very energetic.

  • Poor you! That sounds horrible! :(

    Well done for swimming half a mile though! :)

  • Hi sorry for very late post 12.11km for Saturday.

  • Not to worry kars, it was worth waiting for :)

    Have you posted today's on sunday's thread?

  • Sorry late again!

    Sunday 2.78km

    Mon 1km

    Been sat for 11 hours today sorting my first vat return - almost there. So no exercise completed - in truth surprised it is as good as 1km 😜

  • Thanks Gill :)

  • Barramundi & Lobster YUMMO :) ... 2kms for Saturday

  • Well done qd :)

  • Tuesday 1.66km today - but yeah vat return doneπŸ˜„

    Gym date for 9am tomorrow so hopefully bigger numbers to make up for my slacking.

    Looking forward to Saturday's treat.

  • Woohoo for the end of the vat return! :)

    I'm sure you'll more than make up for it :)

    I can't believe FizzyLiz has kept that from me! :o

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