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Weigh in day

Not sure how to classify this week. Thought it was going to be a gain, but a whole 100g is not really a loss. Definitely better than a gain though!

I think my subconscious is sabotaging me at the moment (as so often). Having reached normal weight (just!) I seem to be drifting off course a bit. Concentrating more on exercise. It doesn't help that both my sons have told me that scientists have discovered that a slightly higher BMI is healthier for older people (thanks kids - older people indeed). My brain is transforming this information into "OK you've done it, you don't have to try any more". But I really need to lose a few more pounds.

Onwards and downwards!😈

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It may not seem like much JC, but if you lost 100gms/week for a year, that would be 5.2kgs, or 11.44lbs - more than enough to get you to where you want to be. Mature woman, or not ;)

Be proud, be happy and be content, because you are a star! :)


Jay thats fantastic news especially as you were expecting a gain!

Although everyone thinks losing weight is the hard part- i think most of us will agree that maintenance is actually just as important if not more so. May be its time to sit down and have a think about what your exact goal weight is- how you will reach it and just as importantly how you will monitor it and maintain it- i think that if you do that you'll feel more in control and empowered to keep going forward.

From my experience i've lost 5-6 stones 3 times in the last 6 years and just before i get to my final target each time i start relaxing what i'm doing (lose momentum) and within a year or 18 months most of its back on again. This time i'm doing things different- this time I will have a final countdown phase for the last stone and then a maintenance plan followed by periodic check points to monitor my maintenance so if i do occasionally add the odd pound here and there it wont get out of control.

Make a plan, keep momentum, keep smiling you can do this : )


Thanks for the support. You're right I think, I tend to just drift away before I reach my final goal. This time I need to think it through. At the moment the plan is "concentrate on c25k and vaguely hope that that's going to sort out the last few pounds as well". Theoretically it might, but it's all a bit vague. So will take this weekend to have a good think.


Hi JaySeeSkinny,

I agree with Moreless, you are definitely a star! 100g is definitely progress and a loss that is worth recording in my book, and would add up over the year to a significant loss. Try not to feel disheartened, as you are doing so well.

It's definitely more challenging to lose the final pounds - but stay determined and focused and you'll get to the weight you feel comfortable at.

Wishing you a great weekend.

Lowcal :-)


Ooh I'm a star! ⭐️ Thanks! Don't feel like one, rather feel like a middle-aged overweight woman, struggling with fitness and constantly waging a war on the yummy food I love. But if it were someone else I'd also say they're a star - so I'm probably being a bit tough on myself. Here's me on my next C25k run 🌟☄💫

Thanks guys, you're stars yourselves💥


Yay! Let's take the stars and sparkle! :-)


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