Around the world in 80 days - Terry reveals last week's scores (Mon 1 Feb Part 2)

Around the world in 80 days - Terry reveals last week's scores (Mon 1 Feb Part 2)

Dear Travellers,

Terry was so pleased with our rendtion of the Floral dance, that he insisted on joining us on the steamer for this evening. We will be playing Blankety Blank, drinking champers and dancing to Eurovision songs.

Apart from yesterday (when we only managed 350kms), we have had another incredible week. Everyday we exceeded our target of 501 by about 50kms and by 87kms on Thursday.

Here are the travellers that check in every single day and have clocked up 10kms and more. For those that haven't quite reached those heady heights and would like to know their total for the week and daily average, just send me a message or reply to this thread. I am one of those peeps and have increased my daily average from a fortnight ago. Last week my daily average was 6.55 and week before it was 5.87. I am so pleased that I am improving and it has spurred me to improve even more this week.

For last week, Terry is pleased to announce;

Travellers clocking up (daily average over Monday-Sunday) 10-11 kms;

> Lucca 10.01

> Mimsta 10.03

> Keep-on-Going 10.06

> Keep-on 10.08

> Florence 10.17

> Trafford 10.33

Travellers clocking up (daily average over Monday-Sunday) 11-13 kms;

> Lowcal 11.52

> Nussybah 11.61

> Kars 12.03

> JayseeSkinny 12.99

Travellers clocking up (daily average over Monday-Sunday) 15-17 kms;

> Darren Chef 15.69

> LottoLose 16.01

> Gonti 16.99

> Moreless 17

Travellers clocking up (daily average over Monday-Sunday) 19-24 kms;

> Lexi 19.65

> Prin 19.83

> Jog-on 22.56

> Veronicaby 23.88

A big pat on the back for those travellers and for everyone that has committed to this challenge. We need all the kms we can get to ensure we keep on going the round the world in 80 days. And we have lots of wonderful places left to visit.

We are now on Day 38. Tomorrow we are going to Taiwan :D

Happy Travels everyone :) :)


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54 Replies

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  • Today 7kms


  • Well done Flossie :) Are you fighting fit yet?

  • No moreless,

    Struggling a bit, on 2nd lot of antibiotics so kms are two dog walks and up and down the stairs at home ! So glad do not live on a bungalow!! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    I'll get there, maybe I'll put Calvin's kms in as well to boost me lol


  • Oh Flossie, I'm so sorry to hear that! :(

    I think we should definitely add Calvin to the spreadsheet :D

  • 1.9km for me.

    this is my best for a while due to my illness.Have more antibiotics. So hopefully will be back to full strength next week. Will keep clocking in though especially with Sir Terry on board. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Oh asics! This bug is grim! :(

    Well done you for pushing through :)

  • Hi asics, how are you feeling now?

    Have you managed to clock up any K's for yesterday and today?

  • 5.6k for me today. I'd love to know my stats please. X

  • Great number Phil :) Lizzy will give you your stats...........LIZZY!!! ;)

  • You bellowed Moreless :D :D

  • I serpently did :D Phil would like her stats please, oh wise one :D

  • Hi Phil -

    You have improved your stats significantly. A fortnight ago your daily average was 7.77kms and last week is was 9.36kms. I hope in your acceptance speech, you attribute a tiny part of your success to the challenge and to me and Moreless :D :D The large part of your success is you and the fact you keep on moving everyday and more abit more than you did the day before and the week before. We know you'll do even better this week

    Exact kms for last week

    Mon - 7

    Tues - 4.4

    Weds - 7.82

    Thurs - 7

    Fri - 5.7

    Sat - 7.27

    Sun - 26.2

    Daily average - 9.34

    Total kms for the week - 65.39

    Happy Travels :) :)

  • 3.6 km today x back to the gym tomorrow x

  • Well done Claire :) Have fun at the gym :o

  • Thanks I'll try ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜†x

  • My name is on there!! oh wow! I CANNOT believe it!!I had not even made my own average!! WOW. I am sooooo happy. Last week I looked at the names with such envy!! (sorry lol). And now I am there too!! Oh dear now I am under even MORE pressure! I CANNOT believe it! Thank you Liz for seeting up this challenge and thanks to everyone for having welcomed me in the team of travellers! And well done to everyone who has managed to add any amount of kms, it's great!!

    Today 4.8kms walking, 6km cycling

  • Well done Nussaybah, you're a star! :)

    I can't wait to see how you're going to improve on your average :)

  • I'm so sorry, failing miserably on this journey x

  • You're not failing at all jal! Do you stay in bed all day? Do you have a fitbit?

    If you stay in bed all day, you won't be able to clock up any K's. If you don't have a fitbit or similar gizmo, you won't be able to count every single step you do.

    Give me some feedback and we'll work on it from there :)

  • total for today (monday) is 12.8kms ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Woohoo quin, great total :)

  • I'm sad to leave Hong Kong, but gladdened to be in the company of the loveable rogue Terry Wogan and proud to be a TOG :)

    My scores for today are

    Cycling - 11.24

    Walking - 5.6

    Rowing - 0.66

    Total - 17.5K's :)

  • WTG Moreless - fabulous Ks. I admire your tenacity to keep at the rowing :D :D

    What's a TOG?

  • Terry's Old Geezers :)

    I hate the rowing! It kills me just to do miniscule distances! :o

  • Today, walk 5.2km, swim 0.75km

  • Well done rainshine :)

  • hi Lizzy a good man now gone, it feels like we have lost a friend. anyway today i've did 3579 steps hopefully i can do better tomorrow take care Alan xx

  • So sad Alan :(

    Wow! Great number of steps! :)

  • hi there my steps today is 2323 i thought i was going to do better but i'm happy take care Alan

  • 6.57 kms for Monday.

  • Thanks Don :)

  • Wow - those stats are something. This challenge is becoming a big part of my "get of the plateau in weight loss " project.

    My score for Monday 01 Feb 2016 - 21.64km .

    Cycle-commuting, lunchtime walk, swimming class (2k or 80 lengths) and - just because if wasn't Cold, Dark and Raining (three of the big four in cycling out of doors) I cycled-surfed home with gale force winds wind behind me and so I chose the longer scenic route and admired the rowing crews trying to move against the wind. Low cost fun for the extremely broke.

    RIP Terry W.

  • Oh my gosh Gonti, if you're going to keep clocking up numbers like that, I'm going to have to seriously up my game! :o

    I wish you lived nearer to me, you might make me braver on my bike! :)

  • You have been amazingly bold. I don't think I know anyone or heard of anyone ever who scaled up their activity levels so quickly. You'll be out of doors more often when the weather improves and then by the end of summer be more secure cycling in -let's say -non mild conditions.

  • I can't wait for the weather to improve and for the days to get longer, I'll be able to get out and practice then. It would be great to learn how to use the gears more efficiently, I might be able to get up the hills then :)

  • Hi FizzyLiz

    My km for Monday was 11.72km. I can't remember if I gave you Sunday's my Fitbit stats were 11.54km xx

  • No you didn't. You now have your name in the thread :)

  • Hi keep-on, we're needing tuesday's and wednesday's now please :)

  • 10.9 miles for me yesterday. This included a 3 mile run so I'm pretty proud of myself.

  • WTG Florence!! Well done, that's fab!! :) You clever old stick :)

  • Hi Florence, have you done anything since monday? :)

  • Hi moreless. Here's my mileage - 8.5 Tuesday and 6.9 today miles that is. I thought I sent it through last night. bye .......

  • Something very weird is happening to posts Florence, they're vanishing into cyber space! :o

    Thanks for getting back to me :)

  • Morning all,

    my aim last week was to improve on the previous weeks average and im so pleased to have done that๐Ÿ˜† now i just have to improve on this weeks average. So for monday i did 3.88km walking and 10.43km cycling so total is 14.31km ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Well done kars, you're really doing brilliantly. It's amazing what we can achieve when we spur each other on :)

  • Wow, fabulous results and it is good to see that so many are achieving more and more as the weeks go by.


  • I think that statement should read "We rock!", because you rock just as much as everyone else :D

  • Hi. 6.9k for Monday. Great numbers everyone.

  • A great number from you too Mrscaw :)

  • 8.61 miles beaten by Henry, wind just to much. My heart goes out to everyone at the top end of this small Island you must be going through hell.

    Going out now to make up for it.

  • It is definitely more than a little breezy up here grandad, but not as bad as the islands are getting :o

    Great number, despite Henry :)

  • Hi. manic day at work today so a bit late reporting my K's. I did 4.9 km Monday.

  • Sorry moreless forgot yesterday (had a cat drama at bedtime) and just got into bed so no more steps for me tonight!

    Tues 2. 4km

    Wed 2. 5km

    as health improves am slowly slowly building. So slowly a snail would take me... but still! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Sorry for the late reply - 5.2 miles in total :)

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