Keep going!

If you were pushing a bolder up a mountain and slipped half way up, you wouldn't let the bolder fall all the way to the bottom. You would quickly grab it and carry on.

The same applies to your healthy eating journey. One bad week doesn't mean that you need to undo all the hard work you put in and fall back to the start, you pick yourself up and carry on.

This is what my group leader explained to me this week. It has to be the best quote anyone has ever

said to me about the weight loss/healthy eating journey. Keep going, you CAN do it! x


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6 Replies

  • I would.

  • We'd help you catch it Aqua :)

  • I like that image / quote. Will keep it in mind! 😊

  • Inspiring quote. :-)

  • That's such good imagery- thank you! I am somewhat dreading weigh-in tomorrow having had a week of slipping down a cheese and sugar slope on my Boulder pushing ... Today I am trying to steady the boulder and hoping that tomorrow I will be either the same as last week or only a pound more (although I expect things to be a bit worse than that!).

  • Well done for keeping at it! Even if the scales don't show the results you want tomorrow, keep pushing and you will see and feel the results soon enough. Good luck and let us know how you get on x

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