can't lose weight!!!

Hi guys, I have a big appetite, I exercise 5 days per week (a variety of exercise classes) but always seem to be the same weight. I know I probably eat too many calories, even though I try to only eat 'healthy food' and not fast food or processed. I want to lose a stone in weight then I will be very happy. I have started (today) to write down what I eat in a day and Im so conscious of this that Im thinking about food all the time!!! arghhh. I would like to be 10 1/2 stone instead of 11 1/2 So any help would be amazing.


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  • Hi and welcome coolcoolnana :)

    Are you within normal weight parameters and have a healthy BMI? If you are, then you're unlikely to lose any weight, without starving yourself.

    You've also got to strike a balance between exercise and food. The more you exercise, the hungrier you're going to feel, therefore, you continue with the exercise and learn to live with hunger, or you forgo some of the exercise classes and reduce intake without hunger pangs :)

    I'm going to give you the link to our welcome newbies thread which has lots of handy tips. Follow the link within that thread, to the NHS 12 week plan. Start off by entering your details into the BMI calculator.

    The latest thread for the Around the World challenge is

    I hope you find the answers you're looking for :)

  • Thanks a lot I will take a look

  • Writing everything down should help you a lot. Moreorless has made some great comments. Best of luck.

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