Round the World in 80 Days - Please post your kms/steps/miles for Monday 25 January (Part 2). Ricky is back :D

Round the World in 80 Days - Please post your kms/steps/miles for Monday 25 January (Part 2). Ricky is back :D

Dear Travellers,

We are now on Day 31 of our voyage around the world.

After a hectic weekend of travelling down the west coast of Thailand, a crazy detour night in Bangkok and climbing those towers in KL, the steamer has arrived in Koh Samui off the east coast of Thailand. This evening we are dancing Samba on the beach and Ricky Martin and his rather beautiful backing singers are singing and dancing with us. Your favourite cocktails served all night.

The weekly stats for last week are phenomenal. To get around the world in 80 days, we need to achieve 501 kms per day or 3507 per week. What we ended up achieving was on average 595kms per day and 4169.46kms for the week. With the extra kms in the suitcase, I have some day trips planned. You will definitely love all of these and not too much of a detour before we reach Hongkong.

The stats below are for the travellers that checked in every single day last week and achieved a daily average of 10ks and above.

Travellers that achieved 10ks

Kars 10.47

Keep-on 10.21

Keep-on-Going 10.92

Lucca 10.36

StephB 10.16

Travellers that achieved 11ks

Trafford 11.19

Rainshine 11.74

Flossie 11.44

NickyNoo 11.68

JayseeSkinny 11.88

Travellers that achieved 12ks and 13ks

Gonti 12.77

LottoLose 13.34

Darrenchef 13.47

Florence 13.55

Travellers that achieved 16ks or more

Moreless 16.64

Lexi 20.96

Jog-on 23.37

Prin 25.13

And for everyone else (including me) well done for sticking with the challenge and not giving up. You will be thankful you didn't. It probably doesn't feel that way right now and you want to do much more. But you are not in competition with anyone - this is your very special journey. As long as keep on moving and don't stand still then you are making progress.

Happy Travels everyone :) :) :)


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102 Replies

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  • I love your new name!

  • Thank you - first one to notice :D

  • hi Lizzy i've done today the grand total of 2174 steps which in miles is 0.41 that's the best this week up to yet take care Alan xx

  • Hi Alan

    You are selling yourself short. When I manage 10,000 steps, I've done 7.5kms. So 0.00075 x 2174 = 1.63kms or 1 mile.

    You are doing so great. Glad you're one of our travellers πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  • Hi Lizzy

    My total km's for today is 5.2 km, I think I need to up my efforts to help with those fabulous day trips that you have planned. I'll try harder tomorrow.

  • You're doing just fine mrsg :)

  • Many thanks moreless, my extra effort is failing miserably today but hopefully by the end of the week I'll be back on track. Your support as always is so motivating, thank you.

  • We can only do, what we can do, mrsg and whatever we achieve, it's more than we used to :)

  • Evening Fizzy πŸ˜‰

    Lovely picture and amazing how you motivated so many people to get moving that little bit more .

    Total for today is 7.02 km. Don't tell me we can share Ricky around before that Lucca notices??? Yay, lets have a party πŸ’ƒ 🎊 🎈 πŸ’ƒ πŸŽ‰πŸΈ

  • Lizzy was a bit sneaky wasn't she - squeezing Ricky into the itinerary when I'd already logged my kms in the early thread :-O :-D

  • Welllll, you didn't give anyone else a chance the other day ( not for a lack of trying πŸ˜‰)

    We had a fantastic time as Ricky had finally recovered 😁

  • I may need to take some Tibetan herbs and lie down in a darkened room... :-( :-)

  • Yep, another early night for Lucca, lets see who Lizzy has lined up for tonight πŸ˜‰πŸ˜

  • Ahem :O I spent all day in the hammock on the phone persuading him to come and sing for us. I think you wore him out on Havelock Island :D :D

  • It was deliberate too! :D

  • You certainly get to know who your friends are around here, don't you... :-/ !!

  • Hang on - that was supposed to be a cross smiley... :-X

  • Just another site glitch :X

  • How do you do that :-x :-X ?

  • :x

  • Yeah :-)

  • Woohoo! Grumpy people are obviously noseless! :D

  • Woohoo Elissy! Not only for your total, but for managing to sneak Ricky from under Lucca's nose!! :D :D :D

  • Grrrrrrrrr...

  • Won't be so easy next time πŸ‘€

  • We won't have to bother next time, I heard tell Lucca's rolling around like a tumbleweed in the gale force winds! :D

  • No weather for a bat, she might get blown to another continent while we have some fun 😎

  • We can always hope :D

  • Oi !! :-)

  • :D :D :D

  • Evening I've managed 3.1km today x

  • Good for you Claire :)

  • Hi Lizzy

    11.42km for Monday including a record (for me) 31 flights of stairs. What's your favourite fizz Liz?

  • Yaaaaay Mimsta! WTG you! :)

  • Love the samba music! 9.8k today (Mon). Wonder where the day trips will take us?

  • Maybe it'll be a magical mystery tour ;)

    Fab number Mrscaw :)

  • Hi...i didnt check in for sunday sunday is 4.5kms and today (monday) is 10.1 kms. Thanks πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Thanks quin, great numbers :)

  • Hi,

    Just 1 km for me today :)

  • All K's are good K's Sueper :)

  • 4.3 miles for me today.

  • Well done Florence :)

  • What a great effort for all those listed. I'm in awe!! 7 k walking for me today.

  • Everybody's putting in the effort Phil, we're all stars! :)

    Great number again :)

  • Sorry I missed the weekend but you have my stats now I hope taking it easy today after the bid run

    13kms early spin

    14.5 evening spin

    13km from steps

    Total 40.5

    Good work everyone if anyone would like to buy some kms from me in payment for completing my tax return please feel free to pm meπŸ˜‚ Or should that be😒

  • I feel very virtuous Prin - I did my tax return a couple of weeks ago ! And to be honest, I'd prefer to run another 10k myself than have to do another one :-D Good luck with it !

  • I thought you were supposed to be resting your calves!! :o

    I can't understand how you're not 6st! :)

  • Hi Lizzyfizz - love the new moniker - suggests all sorts of visuals which is of course one of the many many things you are great at.

    Great report really motivating.

    i love this thread.

  • Forgot to say 7.4 km for me today - mainly walking on extremely windy cliffs (south coast path).

  • Yikes Gonti, that sounds dodgy! Well done you for not getting blown away :)

  • It's FizzyLiz Gonti, not LizzyFiz, but whichever way around, she's an absolute genius at inspiring our imaginations and our efforts. She's fab and so is her thread :)

  • 6.84km for Monday

  • Well done Ruth :)

  • Hi lizzyfizz πŸ˜€

    I feel really proud to see my name on your list. I'm trying really hard, and even exercising when under normal circumstances I would have made excuses not to ( any excuse to laze about on the settee on an evening) This challenge has really encouraged me to get more active and I'm loving it.

    Thanks again

    Nic πŸ˜€

    Waffling on and forgot to post km for today 😁

    Swimming - 1.25 km

    Steps - 4768

  • So you should be proud Nic, you put in a lot of effort and we all think you're fab! :)

    I waffle and forget too :D great numbers :)

  • Thanks moreless you're fab too πŸ˜€

  • Wow so many nice results. I have 7.1km walking and 11km cycling for today. I'm so happy!! I wish I could do 10kms every day too! Nice motivational way of presenting things. Thanks FizzyLiz!

  • Wow Nussaybah! You did waaaaaay over 10K's! Wtg you! :)

  • 4500 for me.

  • Well done Runningsoon :)

  • just got home my miles for Monday 17.69 miles...πŸ‘Ÿ

  • WHAT????!!!! Good grief! That's phenomenal!!! WTG you!! :)

  • Lovely name FizzyLiz 😊

    Monday = 4.0 km for me yay !! 😊

  • WOOHOO veganista!!! Fandabedozy!! :)

  • 6.53 kms for Monday.

  • Well done Don (I'm allowed to say it at least once a week ;) ) :)

  • 12.5km for Monday :)

  • Ooh, great number Cazmaz :)

  • 8.8km for Monday.Have woken today with a sore back of the knee, achy when i bend it. Hopefully will be fine when i get going. Must have been caused when i over did it with Ricky on the dance floor!

  • Ouch determined, that sounds nasty! That Ricky has a lot to answer for! ;)

    Fingers crossed it eases off.

    Great number :)

  • Morning,

    So nice to see my name up there so now im a bit disappointed for not doing any cycling on monday but i did do 6.97km walking which i was happy with. Going to have to get back on the saddle to maintain my average in the 10kms 😁

  • Liz has very craftily made sure that none of us want to slip back now kars :)

    That's a great number and I have no doubt that you'll pull your average back up :)

  • 7.35 km for me on Monday. Looking forward to getting to Hong Kong.

  • Have you been to Hong Kong before Angie? I lived there between Jan 1983 and July 1985 :)

    Great number :)

  • Unfortunately no. I would love to go and also to Japan. My daughter is going Japan hopefully with her school as she is learning Japanese. Maybe I can hide in her suitcase, I need to loose weight first tho lol.

  • Well our trip will be a taster, then maybe you could plan a Far East holiday and do whistle stops of all these places. Put it on your bucket list :)

  • Hi all. My kms for Mon - 5 (not sure how!!!) Jog-on 11.2 :)

  • Well done both of you and many congrats JOG-ON :)

  • Did Jog-on see his name in lights? In the Top 4 travellers - very well done :) :)

  • I'll make sure he does - it might make him be a bit more active ;)

  • Morning lizzie 12.5km on my trusty crosstrainer yesterday

  • Linda, so sorry to have missed you earlier, that was a brilliant number :)

  • 11174 steps or 7.95k for yesterday - my usual routine was slightly disrupted as I had a meal out and thoroughly enjoyed it too.

    Now where are Ricky's backing singers?! :-p

  • Lexi, apologies for missing you earlier, great number :)

  • Hi Liz

    10.86km for Monday 25th January.

    Cold and rainy here in Aberdeen today, so not sure if I'll get out walking after work :)

    Might pop into jazzercise class instead

  • So sorry for replying so late keep-on, fabby number :)

    Did you go to jazzercise? :)

  • 13.46 miles again, tail end of storm stopping play at the moment.

  • Grandad, apologies for my tardiness and a big yahoo for your total! :)

  • 4.62k for Monday

  • Well done jenni, I'm so sorry for the late reply :)

  • 14.4 km for Monday here. Dog is still shattered. Think it will be only a short walk tonight as he was limping a little bit (He's got mild hip dysplasia)

    I think I'll just stick with the Samba tonight :) Maybe see if I can sneak Ricky away from Lucca and Elissy :) lol

  • Carpo! A million apologies!! I don't know how I missed you and even worse when you clocked up such a brilliant number of K's! No wonder the poor dog only wanted a short walk yesterday :)

    I hope you can forgive my oversight, I deserve slapped wrists! ;)

    If I ever miss you again, I give you full permission to give me an ear bashing!! :D

  • Haha, no worries. I was late reporting my k's and the amount of posts you have to read and reply to... I'm amazed you manages as many K's as you do yourself, lol

  • It's not easy, I have to say and I sometimes find myself pedaling away at crazy hours! My grandson told me it was "ridiculous" that I'd woken him up at 6am, by being too noisy on the bike! :D

  • Sorry for being late with my k's. Been battling this yucky virus that's doing the rounds. 4000 steps for Sunday and 4000 steps for Monday from me. 😠😠

  • Oh crumbs Sopmarfree, it's me that's doing the apologising, for being so late responding. Loads of steps! Well done :)

  • Monday; 1.6km dog walking

  • Well done concerned :)

  • Hi Lizzy,

    So I'm not sure if I'm getting this right. My total km for Monday 23.2 was 22.2 km in spin class and 1 km cross trainer.

  • You're getting this absolutely perfect Geza! Woohoo to you! :)

  • Ooh FizzyLiz,

    Love the name it sums you up !!! πŸ˜ƒ( I mean that in a nice way !!)

    I'm catching up on all the travels I've missed !!! and I see I've been mentioned in dispatches ooh I'm so proud of me !!! ( worth pushing myself and the chest infection!! Lol).

    You and the gang are truly FABULOUS!!!πŸ’‹


  • You should be proud Flossie, you're a star!! :)

    We're the A team and we're all fabulous! :)

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