Starting again (lost count)

Well I started off really well, I had and hadn't been counting calories, I increased my water intake from nothing but tea to 2lts of water a day and counting calories for breakfast and lunch and just have a smaller portion for dinner and it worked brilliantly for the first week and I lost 6lb. Then my husband put his back out and was off work all of last week and this week and I put on 2lb last week and god knows how much this week


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  • Men can sometimes spoil things😎 But they can be useful😈 Can you get him on your side and get him to join you? Or does he not need it? Although if he's done his back in it might help to lose some weight.

    But I know what you mean, my husband could do with losing a little weight - not too much, but there is a slight paunch! Yet he can't cook for less than 20 and always produces these delicious full-blown meals, full of irresistible carbs, cream and who knows what else. It's impossible to sit there with a salad. My willpower just crumbles, especially as he looks so upset/reproachful, when I tell him I'm not eating it. I chip away and he's learning slowly. Fortunately we only cook together at weekends, as he works in the evenings during the week. But when we're on holiday together it is very difficult to keep the resolutions. And weekends are always a battle.

    Hang in there, you'll still be lower than your starting point. 👍🏿

  • When I started 18 months ago I had a straight talk with my partner and told her that I would get my own meals and she could have what she wanted. Over time she has been eating more healthily but we still have mainly different food. On the few times when she has been off worked and decided to cook the evening meal I have gained the odd pound or two.

    Unless your partner is totally supportive then be firm and stick to your own food.

  • we don't have the same unless he wants what I am having, hubby eats very unhealthy food but is very thin so I have come to the conclusion after 46 years that my health is suffering because I have been trying to cook with him in mind but not any more and I have lost almost 0.75 lb to go, 2 st.

  • There are some pretty amazing recipes to be tried in slimming world magazine/website- you don't need to join SW to use the recipes and the advantage is they are mainly for four people- you can have one portion (I've a quarter) yourself and partner can hage as much as they like of the rest. For example, sOme of the curries and Moroccan dishes are really yummy! Good luck and just try to get your snacking into a healthier mode if that's your problem- there's a lot of yummy fruit in the shops as well as yoghurt and a bit of hummus with veg is another great idea.

  • My husband works away from home most of the time, so when he comes back I get a major set back. I am just recovering from one 😊 ... I have rum 20mins last 2 days and eaten healthy -ish and I feel so much better!!!! The fight is totally worth it I tell you!

  • Rum for 20 mins would certainly make a difference... ;)

  • I was just thinking the same ; )

  • Nothing like a bit of friendly support and encouragement, is there ? ;-)

  • There is a difference between an excuse and a reason.

    There is plenty of evidence that social factors make a big difference to people's eating, both good and bad - I feel saddened by all these people eating separately and separate meals because they have found it is the only strategy to get their eating under control.

  • Maybe she's just happy her husband is home! And they enjoy eating together! How rude!

  • Don't worry - put it down to a blip and start again :-) You know you can do it, you managed it over the week before your husband was off work. Get back on the wagon and you'll be fine ! Hope your husband's back is recovering - I know how stressful that can be for both the sufferer and the carer :-(

  • That may be the case in some circumstances, but I'm not sure that a random stranger on a supportive internet site who knows nothing of that persons background and issues, is in the best place to be doling out 'the hurtful truth'. There is a fine line between straight talking and being plain rude :-)

  • Your posts are anonymous. You may feel viruous "Telling the truth as you see it" but it's neither appropriate nor helpful here. I hope the moderators observe.

  • These unsupportive posts just keep losing the forum members - it looks like another one has just gone. Such a shame when people are just looking for a bit of support!

    I must say I had a bit of this when I first joined but I thought things had improved.

    It is nice to see you have peoples backs lucca10 :)

  • Don't worry you will get back to it and just think if you hadn't lost any weight in the first place. I have been doing my best to eat healthily and limit calories for over a year now. I do have ups and downs but try not to get too upset if I have the odd treat or eat too much every so often. I have lost a stone. I hope I can lose another over the next year. I think if you can take the time frame away and just be pleased when you lose a little it is much easier to sustain.

  • The over all route is still there as you planned it, you have just had a little stop on the road. Keep the courage and keep going. And maybe while he is less mobile and you need to stay at home you could look up some exercise clips on Youtube or favourite music and dance! to have a bit of fun and make sure that its not the inactivity or cabin fever that are in your way. (Also each time you need to get something for him take it as a chance to get it as fast as you can, make it a game, you could even get him to time you...silly but a bit of fun which might cheer you both up. ) Know how you feel, stuck at home with a sick child today, going to log off here and take my own advice!

  • I would not worry about the 2lb gain, perhaps it is because you have been catering more for your husband than you? Just get back to your own plan and either do a separate dinner/bigger portions for your husband or maybe he could prepare his own meals? We have only been stocking healthy food since I started, with the exception of biscuits and the ocassional cream cake for my partner, but then she does not need to lose weight! It is difficult for you when your husband probably eats more than you but get back to weighing everything and calorie counting - good luck :-)

  • Don't know if this will help but we've eaten different meals for the last 30 years. I don't eat meat but like all sorts of different types of food and my husband is most definitely a carnivore and a plain eater. Most meals just need a but of a tweak. Sausage and mash would be an easy one to do. My husband has meat sausages, I have veggie sausages and lots more veg, less mash. I also make meals I can freeze so I can sometimes have a "ready meal" for one of us and cook for the other. The hardest bit I find are the in between snacks. I try to keep my hands busy so I can't pick up biscuits etc. Good luck,

  • Don't worry :) You've already proved to yourself just how healthily you can eat, and it sounds like you developed really good habits when you first started. When something upsets your routine it's always harder to stay on track. The last couple of weeks are just a blip - you can start afresh as soon as you're ready :)

  • Hi,

    Have you left the site, as your profile is 'hidden' - I hope you haven't left.

    Anyone know who this person was? I'm sorry she's disappeared and I hope she might come back again.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal,

    It is a shame that people keep leaving because they feel unsupported - not the purpose of the site.

    I think some don't appreciate what a complex thing losing weight/overeating is and one size doesn't fit all.

    Let's home they come back soon.

  • Hi Sue,

    Yes, I hope they come back again - one size definitely doesn't fit all - and it's a pity they appear to have left so quickly.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Oh these things are sent to try us!!! Don't give up, it's tough to keep on track when you ir loved ones are ill...

    Just make sure you're drinking enough (and only) water or teas, not soda or other liquid sugar, and you'll be back on track in now time!

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