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New start after xmas binge!

I've only gone & spoiled it again over xmas. An impressive gain of 8lb when I promised myself I would only take a few days off. This wouldn't be so bad except that it took me 4 months to lose 1 stone & only 3 weeks to regain more than half it :( anyway whats done can't be undone so here I go again. I have stumbled across the nhs 12wk calorie controlled plan & think this could be the one for me!? Eat less & move more cannot be a bad ethos! I have 21lb to lose & 12 weeks brings me to my birthday so it must be fate. Fingers crossed xx

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Good luck :) you might find if you jump straight back on the wagon the weight that came on quickly goes that way too.. Some people seem to find that. Keep posting and think about joining the Monday weigh in posted by Lowcal - it helps to make you accountable.

Kate :)


Thankyou I will have a look and give it go.

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What a bitch Xmas is to us !!! I gained 5 lbs.......

Good luck 🙃


Thank you


Come on. Every one in the country put on weight over Xmas. That just proves you're human. When you are down to your target weight you will still be doing it. Unless you become some sort of kcal counting superhero. You have a plan to lose. You know you can lose twice as much, because you did it very recently. You will soon be showing and sharing some great losses. Especially as you have this nice near target. I am sure you will give yourself the great birthday present of a sleeker shape. Just go for it. ChubbyMummy is right about the quickly on, quickly off for most of us.


I hope you are right, I'm just feeling that I'm on my slippery slope back to where I started. Positive thinking it is then.


Snap! I did the same, and lost most of my weight gain by week 2. The plan is great as it puts you in control and instead of mindlessly following a pre-set diet plan, you educate yourself on portion control and better food choices. Good Luck!


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