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No weight loss this week...

but never mind. I feel like I've got back into the right mind set and I keep reminding myself that I have lost more than 18kg since I started the Nhs 12 week plan way back last April.

One of my assistants has just joined Slimming World and she said today that I had been her inspiration which made me feel pretty good.

Have a lovely week everyone.

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Wow, that's great Linggirl, and positive validation of your success so far :)


If you can stick it though this horrid Jan week you can stick though any week.


Hi Linggirl,

Do like your thinking😃 You are so right with 18kg staying off a week of 'stay the same' is still a positive😃

Bask in the glory of being an inspiration you've earned it !!

Have a lovely week.



This week's efforts may pay off next week linggirl... just got to hold in there and be patient. You've definitely achieved a lot so far! Great you've been an inspiration too - it means others are constantly thinking about how much you've achieved too :)


Wow linggirl, 18 kg is brilliant and well done on maintaining this week. It's really good that you have been inspiring others around you do change their lives as well and you should feel good about that, well done :-)



Thanks guys. I'm feeling good.


Wow 18 kilos it tons.You have maintained. Wow so inspiring. Thanks for sharing and telling me to have patience it takes time to loose as you said you have been at it since April.


Feeling impatient, have just weighed and have gone up 0.75 lb in spite of cooking almost from scratch and calorie counting and swimming half mile yesterday, it is depressing, must resolve to eat less carbs today and be very careful what I cook. I did use a dolmio llight cookin sauce but counted it in and only had 1000 calories o how could I go up?? Those sauces probably have too much salt? this is when it is really hard when you know you haven't had anything extra but have still gone up.


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