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January Blues...& no BBKing !!!!

I've been listening to some blues & relaxing with a beer or two... And well I've looked at last years diary ( yes I keep a food/ gym diary) and it's the same time as last year I tend to get so fed up with myself & start eating,drinking MORE and it's lasts till about March time !!! It really pisses me off I can tell you...

I have so many positives in my life I'm not about to list them..

So why am I like this ? I said I would do dry January ( What a joke) I haven't stopped drinking And then that's when the eating starts and I feel so pissed off.......thank god for BBK lost in that music,

I really sound ungrateful 😁😎 but can't find an answer & want to turn myself around before January ends.........

What do you guys think I should do ?

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So what happened to the Becks Blu regime ...? 😐 Seriously, this is not the end of the world , rather than totally denying yourself , maybe try a 4:3 approach , four days dry and healthy eating, three days have a drink, bit of chocolate whatever ( eg weekend + weds?)

Last week we had a two night break in the Cotwolds and I totally overdid the vino, plus a curry and fish n chips! But then back home I had two days on healthy, thick homemade soup and fizzy water.... I felt cleansed and not gained an ounce.

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I love you..... 😘😍

Becks blue.....................I have about 10 bottles ready !!!!!

But since Xmas I keep drinking the real stuff & havin a few bad days......

Thanks for your reply,it helps to know I'm not the only one xxx

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Drink sparkling mineral water with ice and lemon in a nice wine glass just tell yourself you prefer it. I am trying green tea now before I go to bed, if I feel I need something I make it and sip it in bed away from kitchen. it isn't too bad with lemon or ginger

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Hi June I know how you feel. My diaries in January are full of the same rubbish every year. Wanting to change, not changing, self loathing!

I went dry on 11th January - I knew there was no way I would stay dry before that with commitments for dinner and parties. So I didn't bother. I told my family I would from 11th. My aim is do finish Jan dry.

Dave had a great suggestion following his success some years ago giving up smoking.

Do just one thing. Just for today. So tomorrow that might be 'stay dry'. Just for today. Maybe as elliebath suggests you may only do that on 4 days. The other 3 maybe you pick another 'just one thing.'

That thought has helped me, as well as updating others on here on my dry progress. I have now completed a 7 days dry (assuming I can steer clear tonight!) even on those weekend nights that my husband indulged! And seriously for a non-alcoholic, the amount i was drinking, i was doing a very good impression of someone with a problem.

I know I cannot do it all in one go. So if I can do it with alcohol and also getting earlier nights I will then move onto sugar.

Tomorrow is another day and you have done this before ... you can so do it again! :-)



Good advice and thank you.....


I hear you - I have always tended to be someone who out of the blue gets a spark of inspiration to exercise or lose weight but as I get older these sparks come less often.

I don't know that there is a magic formula for you but I know lately - VERY lately as in a few days past - I have stopped thinking about diet or exercise or anything like that and I just imagine the words MAKE A CHANGE in my head.

It just pops up randomly for me esp. if I am on the couch watching TV and I get up and do something or if I am about to grab a sweet treat I hear "Make A Change" in my head and I reach for something else.

It seems to be easier than remembering all the reasons to lose weight or restricting myself or forcing myself to do something.

When its as simple as MAKE A CHANGE then you can choose what it is that you change, you just have to choose change.

Hope this helped and who knows maybe my new little mantra will evaporate but at the moment it seems to be a simple solution for me to stay on track.

**I actually realised after I posted this that the reason it is probably working better for me is because its a POSITIVE affirmation. Instead of thinking "ugh go and exercise " or "DON'T EAT THAT!!!!" I am thinking about making positive changes...maybe thats it?



It's always great to hear about positive ways around this & yours sounds like a plan......

It's exhausting sometimes sorting out food/exercise/ no wine.......so I'm gonna try MAKE A CHANGE β˜ΊοΈπŸ€—

Cheers for the advice,boy to I need it !!!!


I like that


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