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Breakfast without eggs


Any ideas for breakfast? I'm looking for something on the high protein side and eggs aren't doing it for me.

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Do you like peanut butter? You can get healthy peanut butter which is literally just the peanuts. Have it on toast, or I like adding a dollop into porridge. Or how about kippers, baked beans, or maybe even try a Mediterranean style breakfast of hummous/ yogurt and pitta?

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How did I over look peanut butter? I love it. You have some brilliant ideas. Thank you.

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I always have porridge with walnuts on top.

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Yum. Any milk or cream?

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I have switched to almond milk. Which I really like.

almond milk porridge with seeds and frozen berries stirred through?

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Oh my sounds almost sinful .


I will check these sites out. Thank you so much.

Depends how you feel about things but I regularly have something like home made turkey burgers with tomatoes or home made lean beef burgers. I've even had fish. Just because it's breakfast doesn't mean you have to eat traditional breakfast food. I do this when I'm having a day off carbs instead of my usual porridge

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I like to eat left overs for breakfast if I have them. A nice big hamburger sounds about right, a bowl of soup. My stomach doesn't seem to know the difference..

You can use Greek yoghurt as a base for breakfast, add different fruits, nuts, mix it with oats, or granola. Total Fage yoghurt comes with different fat levels and has slightly more protein than non-Greek yoghurts.

If you like warm breakfasts, try a quinoa porridge cooked with water, with a little cream/honey added as you serve it. Quinoa is a nutritious food with a reasonable protein content.

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So many good ideas This forum is going to make a difference in how successful I am. Thank you.

Quinoa porridge- literally quinoa cooked in milk (almond milk in my case) add almonds, seeds nuts, dash of maple syrup and cinammon... Mega yummy and fills me up for ages!

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That's what I like, something that doesn't leave me hungry an hour later. Thanks.

Full fat plain Greek yoghurt

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