My new years gift

hi everyone i wish you all a happy new years,as for me i had a wounderful new year i enjoyed myself and forgot about my diet u and u no what i only gain one little pound and am proud of myself.Any way my new years gift is a stationary bike and have been training only for one week and guess what i have lost 2 pounds .this week i did 50miles andam trying to do 80 miles next week.

started 115kg

now 105

in only two months

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  • Well done, that's fantastic! Lots of people seem to have got themselves bikes of one sort or another this year - very trendy!

  • Fantastic work. Interested in joining a fun challenge?

  • yes

  • Fantastic. Have a look on these threads;

    I will be asking for your total kms on a daily basis. See latest thread;

  • ok am in

  • Great - welcome aboard. Please give me your stats (steps, miles, kms) for Friday and yesterday.

    :) :) :)

  • 38km,7438 steps

  • Fantastic numbers :) :)

    Do you mean 38kms for Friday and 7,438 steps for Saturday?

  • no 15km and 7,438 steps for friday and 23 km for saturday

  • Well done on losing 2 lbs this week and for pedaling 50 miles that is a lot of kms. I hope you have entered into the 80 days around the world challenge :-)

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