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And on it goes part 2 !!!

Hi all,

Just a quick catch up to say thank you for all your suggestions. In some ways it all sorted itself !!

Husband opened the handmade biscuits ate two and left the rest !!! Sadly my sister in law, me and the dog polished off the rest as we recovered from 4 hrs of flood cleaning. It was either that or cry !!!

I took the panettone and the stollen to hers yesterday and fed the neighbours,council and environmental workers that where there helping clear up and make place safe😃( huge thanks to all of them )

Double choc panettone was really nice and the stollen was de'lish😃😃😃😃 but now all gone🎉

Weigh in tomorrow !!! so catch up then xx


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mmmmm - panettone... <drool> :-)


Oh Flossie - flood cleaning doesn't sound too much fun! But glad you were able to share the love and also get all that cake out of your house. Good luck for the weigh in :)

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I think you all needed it, I have 3 men up oak trees in my garden at moment so have given them the Mr Kipling bakewell tarts which have been in my face since hubby bought them he seemed a bit put out that there was only one left for him. It isn't fair he is still losing whilst eating everything xmassy that people have donated to him!! He doesn't appear ill!!


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