New today, have I missed something?

Hello, I've started this plan today & received my first email. Everything looks great so far & I'm feeling confident but after checking the website & first weeks download, I can't see a meal plan as such. I was expecting to see a type of 'Day One, have this for breakfast, choice of this for lunch etc' but I can't seem to find one. Is there one & have I missed it? Or do we just plan our own meals using the guide?

Thanks in advance.


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  • You calculate your calorie allowance using the guide then it's up to you to stay within the allowance. The plan gives you tips as you go along and encourages you to use this forum to get support and ideas from everyone. It's more a healthy eating plan to get you to make lifestyle changes. I use the app myfitnesspal to monitor my calories and I try to walk everyday. good luck you're in the right place.

  • Thank you Florence, I've just downloaded that app too. Much appreciated x

  • Hi Lindypops,

    I thought the same thing when I joined last month but the 12 week plan has a lot of encouragement and helpful info. The folk on this community are great, really supportive and friendly. One of the other members suggested these sites for recipes and meals.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks, Anon-E-Mouse , that's a big help. I'll have a look x

  • You're welcome.

  • Hi Lindypops,

    Im new today as well, Ive planned the official day one (tomorrows meals) using this which is found somewhere on one of the sheets. there is an app as well which im thinking about looking for.

    Im both nervous and excited about this new chapter in my life. my meals for tomorrow are bagels and an omelette for breakfast, toastie for dinner and pasta carbonara for tea with warm bananas and yoghurt for dessert. Mostly food i already have in which is helpful. i dont know if it will all go to plan, but fingers crossed i have spare calories to play with tomorrow so if i go a little off track i should be ok....

    Anyway, I hope you do ok and find the website useful. Oh and Happy New Year!!


  • Sounds pretty yummy to me but rather low on fruit and veg - but if I had that I'm pretty sure it would add up to more than 1400 calories.

    You've inspired me to do a carbonara tonight with Quorn lardons to use up leftover cream though, which is better than having yet another dessert I wouldn't normally, so a very big thank you for that. Christmas chocolates finally eaten up (demonstrably I am not a binge eater!)

  • Oh Janette, where are your veges? Bagel, toasti and pasta will make difficult for you to handle if you want to lose weight.

    How about a toasti every third day, pasta (small serve) once a week only or better once a fortnight.

    Just spread your carbohydrates across a week or two weeks period. AND have vegetables as your main food. Start with 60% vegetable, 30% meat / chicken / or fish, then 10% carb or none and replace the 10% with some sauce for taste. Then as you lose weight, but you love some specific dish (I love coucous) then have 1/3 1/3 1/3 and 1/10.

    If like me, you get carried away, like when my husband makes a delicious pasta salad, I then compensate by having a vegetable soup at night.

    I find that carb (although Necessary are not the overweight person's best friend) so I have reduced my carb intake drastically, and can still enjoy my food and feel good.

  • i added veg to my omelette for breakfast and then had veg in my pasta for tea this evening and fruit for dessert, it didnt go strictly to plan as ive explained on my post from today, i have managed my 5 a day today :)

  • Good on you Janette, keep those veges rolling 😀

  • Jannete, Omelette very good idea. put most of the rest out for the birds!

    Have you heard of "Smart weight watchers" there have been leaflets in the Daily mail recently. They draw attention to the fact that calories are NOT equal. Especially that calories from carbohydrates are far more fattening than from protein and fruit and veg, close to a zero rating.

  • I will do some research, thank you

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