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Post Christmas Blues


Is anyone finding this really hard after the Christmas period? Ive been so good since I started 9-10 weeks ago and even managed to lose weight over christmas but I did eat rubbish.

I've got back into it and want to get back to my clean eating with one treat a day but im finding it so hard!! there is so much chocolate in the house and i just seem to have lost my ability to resist!!!

any advice- that doesnt involve throwing away all my bad things!! would be appreciated :)

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Try getting an empty Tupperware box or ice-cream box, tip the chocolates in the box/es and then place in the freezer. Take out your allowed treat to defrost once a day.

Best of luck. I got loads of snacks and chocs here too, but it's only the peanuts I find hard to resist :D


Feeling it with you. Just went and a long swim which I hope has fixed things. Got to spend all day at hospital tomorrow with my husband while they do tests on him. So it is going to be a random day.

I think making myself do some exercise has helped.


Well, it seems many of us are in the same boat. I've just been telling Flossie that I checked the use by dates on all the unopened goodies and where appropriate I've boxed it all up and stored it away to come out again at Easter, all out of harms way and hopefully out of sight out of mind.


Hi Wood05,

Sorry to hear you're feeling some post-Christmas blues, that's not a good feeling. I would also agree that maybe freezing the chocolates (as per Tewson's suggestion) would be helpful, as then you can enjoy just one after a coffee at the end of a meal for example, and make it into a bit of a 'savouring moment' - I always have a piece of Lindt chocolate (either the Pistachio or the Dark chocolate with hazelnut variety) after my evening meal and with a cup of coffee - and I absolutely savour it and look forward to it. I don't feel deprived - as I know I can have my chocolate piece every day, and that feels good!

Doing some exercise might help you feel better - the fact that Aqua_Marine is feeling good after her swim, and I often feel better after I've been for a walk or to the gym - it can definitely help. But often it's getting the push to do it that can be challenging, when you're not necessarily feeling like it.

Like Jenever, I've just been looking at Flossie's post, and there were some great suggestions for how to help her with some excess stuff - definitely worth a read.

Hope you feel better soon Wood, and have a good evening.

Lowcal :-)


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