I'm 54, had a wake up call when I had a health check (I have hypothyroidism), and was told my BMI has risen to 33from 24 in the past 12m. I'm determined to get it back down, and intend to follow the NHS 12wk weight loss plan. Also, to up my exercise and activity levels. I really need to do this, and am looking forward to sharing any tips and support within this community.


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  • I was in just the same boat 4 months ago and am happy to say I'm no longer obese, I'm no longer overweight, I'm a healthy weight :)

    Health benefits are astounding and rather than spell them all out, I shall paste a link that is a little old fashioned but expresses perfectly how I feel about myself 😎

    Have a great day, this is a great site with great people all working towards the same end and offering advice and support.

    Have a great future :)

  • Lol thanks for the welcome!!

  • Hi lyncos,

    Take a deep breath and go for it, slow and steady will do it, there's no race to the finish line. No need for magic pills/potions, just eating healthy, eating well and looking at portions sizes.

    Enjoy your journey


  • Thank you Flossie. Good advice, it didn't happen overnight, so it's unrealistic to expect it to go in weeks. I'll be happy with 1-2lb a week, until I lose at least 10-12lb. I've gone all day without chocolate or a biscuit, and kept busy decorating my bathroom. I'm going to use a side plate for my meals.

  • Don't forget ' a little bit of what you fancy' , don't deny yourself especially if you've been decorating ! 😃


  • Ooh yeah! I had three smarties and one minstrel, left-over chocs from Christmas! I don't believe in deprivation, everything in moderation!

  • I have that same problem. I'm trying to loose weight also. It's hard to.

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