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I am really out of shape and I rarely exercise.

I really want to change that and to slowly get into shape. I am planning to walk for at least half an hour every day at normal rate to start with, I have my wii fit which I plan to start using in the next few days, I know I can do sit ups and press ups though my muscles are quite weak to do this.

I also plan on free dancing, I have a salsa workout dvd, an ab wheel, wobble board and a exercise tube band with dvd.

I lastly want to purchase a mini trampoline for use in my home but since I live in an apartment building, I am worried about disturbing my neighbours. Does anyone have any suggestions for this and if this might be a good workout for what is recommended?

I plan to walk every day and to workout 3-4 times weekly to start with so that I can lose some weight but more than that, to become more active and healthy.


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  • Seems to me to be a great plan - I am assuming that you have headphones and are planning music, talking books, and radio in the mix. The NHS strength and Flexibility podcasts are a lovely way to make walks into a workout and use the park/ playground as a gym.

    The physio I see has a trampoline and I now love it but as I was weak and injured it took 10 weeks of practice to be able to jump. Now jumping is good I bought a skipping rope for £1.99 in the Sweaty Betty sale which also might be a nice part of your walks and if you don't get a trampoline it will deliver the bounce.

    Good luck

  • Hi,

    I hadn't thought about it to be honest but it sounds like a great idea!

    I would be able to jump on a mini trampoline which I really want to get but I don't want to disturb the neighbour who lives in the flat below me as I don't know how loud it will be. I want to get a skipping rope as well.

    Glad you are slowly getting better :)

  • This all sounds like a great plan :)

    If you need any motivation, how about joining us on our trip Around the World in 80 days?


  • Hi,

    It sounds great but I will not be able to travel for 80 days as I have university and my rent to pay.

  • To explain this better Naturegirl, this is a fantasy trip designed to encourage us all to exercise more.

    Lizzie had a brilliant idea to start a Monday thread where we each declare the number of Kilometres we've "kicked" the week before, ie swimming, walking, running, cycling, rowing, dancing etc.

    This developed into us trying to kick enough K's to get us to see Santa at the North Pole.

    That was so motivating, we decided to go for a super challenge in the New Year and recruit as many people as possible, our aim being to clock up enough K's between us to "Travel around the world in 80 days", which is 40,075, or 501K's/day, or approx. 6K's/day/per person. This number isn't hard and fast, some will manage more and others less.

    I hope this makes more sense to you and that you would like to join us on our fantasy journey :)

  • I am not sure how to measure exercise into km.

    It sounds great, not sure how much exercise that is each day though and I am not sure how many km I would have kicked lol.

  • If you're walking, count your steps.

    If you're dancing, count the beats of the music/minute, then multiply by the number of minutes you danced for - that will equate to the number of steps you took.

    If you're bouncing, count each bounce as a step.

    You only need to log the number of steps you achieve, Lizzie will convert them into K's for you :)

  • Okay, that sounds great

  • Sounds like a plan, best wishes..

  • Have you looked at couch to 5k? It's a great way to slowly ease into running. You start with just 60 seconds running with walking in between. I was really unfit when I started, got out of breath easily and was 2 stone overweight. I now don't use my inhaler at all, have massively improved my health, and most importantly - I can now run for a bus! (plus a bit further too...!) :)

  • I have asthma as well. I don't think I can manage running at the moment as I am really unfit. I could maybe do it on the spot.

  • With couch to 5k, you only run slowly. My starting speed was no faster than walking, it was more of a light jog. I don't have asthma, I more had a cough and would get out of breath quickly as a result of a bad flu I had a few years ago which had a lasting effect on my lungs, but now I seem to be back to how I was before. I really think couch to 5k is worth considering. Maybe further down the line after you've got into a regular walking habit and are feeling ready :) Maybe look up the couch to 5k podcasts and listen to the first one on one of your walks to see what it would be like...

  • Thank you and sorry for the misunderstanding :)

  • No need to apologise! But I'm not sure if having an actual diagnosis of asthma would make couch to 5k more of a challenge than what I had. But the nurse said my readings for the breathing tests have definitely improved so hopefully it would help anyone with breathing problems. It's worth asking the nurse at your local doctors for advice to be sure though :)

  • The podcasts are here if you need them. I found a way to access them via the podcasts function on my phone, but I think they are free to download on itunes etc too :) nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/...

  • Thank you :)

  • Hi, yeah I think it would definitely help as long as I take it slowly and build up my fitness level a bit first.

    I have an appointment with the doctor next.Wednesday.

  • Hi, all the ideas you have are great, just one comment, not planning to exercise with anyone?

    When I first started over a year ago, I joined different groups, the gym classes were really hard work, but got me to push myself to levels I wouldn't have done it by myself...same with the martial arts classes, the group spirit, the mutual support, the willingness of not wanted to let down anyone else, makes you work extra hard! I still jog by myself, and walk a lot too, but group exercise is still the one that kills me ( in a nice way :) )

    Just a though, should you lose your motivation at any point.

    Enjoy!!! :)

  • Hi,

    Thank you so much. I would love to exercise with someone else but don't know anyone that lives close to me at the same fitness level. There are classes near me but I haven't attended any yet as my confidence and energy levels are so low but it would be nice :)

  • Oh I would not worry about your fitness level, everyone has to start from somewhere and I have never, ever in my life come across judgemental people in fitness classes, everyone is to busy trying to follow the class to even look at you. I didn't know anybody either when i joined,but classes are for people that want to join a group because they don't have someone else to work with. the most important thing for me was to find classes that I liked, I tried the same class with different instructors, then picked the one I liked best. The teaching aspect is the most important to me...if you have a choice of facilities around you, I would pick a cheaper one, perhaps a council owned sport centre, for two reasons, one is that you will find a better mix of people compared to the expensive gyms, the second reason is that you will have money left in your budget to treat yourself to something else, whether is sport gear, the occasional massage or another sport activity altogether. I worked out I will be spending just under £2K in 2016, if I continue with fitness classes+ Krav Maga+ jijitsu+ pole dancing, but the other way to look at it is that it is investment in my health, in my happiness, in quality time for myself ( quality time usually costs money, whether you like drinking and eating out, going to the theatre or travelling) and I will be learning lots, which keeps my mind occupied too ( I'm only 37, but I wish to fence off dementia, and keep learning seems the only prevention one can take).

    So DON'T WORRY, and go and discover the amazing things that your body can do with little training!!


  • Oh wow, that sounds amazing. Well done you. I might join a class too but not yet. Pole dancing also sounds good but my fitness level is not where it needs to be for that

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