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Haha, hello all!

Hope you've had a lovely xmas. I am in post xmas day mode ie in my jarmies surrounded by the choccies I couldn't fit in yesterday!!!

I weighed in early yesterday and stayed the same! Then I weighed in this morning (normal weigh day) and still the same so not going to complain at all!!!! I'm having today off and then back to it tomorrow. We didn't eat heaps yesterday and spread it out over the afternoon/evening but I did have my first chocolate since 26th October. I didn't massively enjoy it to be honest (or the celebrations I ate today)!!!!

I have a question and it's a bit of a strange one! I don't weigh every day anymore because my weight wasn't fluctuating much at all during the week if at all! Does anyone else find that their weight stays the same all week and then only changes either the day before or the day of weigh in? I've never had this before and as I'm being really good with the sticking to 1400 calories a day or thereabouts, I'm finding it a bit odd. I've never had it where it doesn't move at all through the week. I weigh same time each day too! Hmmmmmm. I'm tempted to get some different scales and see if its them that are a bit strange. Don't get me wrong, I'm not obsessed with weighing but just finding it disconcerting!!!! (I have read about the whoosh thing and I don't think it's that).

I hope everyone is having a lovely Boxing Day. My boys are with their dad so I'm still in my jarmies and watching crap tele. Back to running tomorrow!

Elsie xxxx

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Hi E.

I have a friend who weighs once a month! Such restraint but she has lost 7.5 stone doing this so it works for her :)

My weight is all over the place from day to day - sometimes it doesn't move and then 3lb disappears. I often weigh daily - I don't really know why as it doesn't really affect me except occasionally negatively if I've been good and nothing has happened but it usually catches up a day or two later.

Making a record once a week is sensible and then if you fancy a daily update then why not as long as it doesn't ruin things for you if you are not the weight you expected.

It is interesting what you said about chocolate - I love this stuff but this year just bought what I really like. I did buy Roses for visitors - I've had 2 and really didn't enjoy them and I have now put them away. In fact they were horrible!

Enjoy the rest of your lazy day :)


Weight loss is weird. Don't waste money on new scales. As Sueper says one day it will say one number and stay that way then suddenly it gOes away.


At the beginning of C25K I decided to weigh myself, take a "waist/belly reading" and also a photo. I now watch what I am eating, but the sugar tooth is still proving difficult to tame.

Once I have completed the course, I will then do the same and see if there has been any significant difference.

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