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Lock away the chocolates

My plan for tomorrow is to enjoy Christmas dinner and tea, but otherwise to put any chocolates, biscuits, sweets etc received as presents in a bag or box and stick them away in the garage, so I don't get tempted to scoff them, while still making them available for other people in the house. Currently 12 stone 2 pounds (BMI 25.83) and desperate not to blow it all now when I am so close to getting under 25 BMI.

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Hi Anthony,

You're so close to getting your BMI under 25 - I can understand you are keen to maintain that and achieve your goal. Well done for having a plan of action to help you cope with tomorrow - and hope you have a really lovely Christmas.

Lowcal :-)


If I get some I am going to give them away.


Sounds like a good plan. I had to give away various chocolate and biscuit gifts in the last few week but tomorrow should be ok. you are so close to your goal it would be amazing to achieve it Christmas week!!


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