My beginning

So here it goes...

I have just stood on the scales and got the biggest shock I think I have had and that is I'm 18 stone 1. I have been brushing it under the carpet for the last few years and have tried many diets but the weight has always gone back on and then some. I was 3 stone lighter when I had my little one 5 years ago!

I have been looking at this but thought what's the point and then realised if I think this in a few years time I will be heavier still and then feel worse. Then I thought why start this before Christmas? Your only going to eat more? And my answer if you don't start it now you never will and also damage restriction.

So tomorrow is the 1st day of the new world and we will speak again soon. X


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11 Replies

  • welcome and good luck

  • Thank you - the journey begins.

  • Hi kat, don't deprive yourself of xmas goodies just downsize otherwise you may resent everyone else eating all the fun stuff, maybe choose healthy food in the run up and allow xmas n boxing day a few treats indulge a Lil so it's out ur system good luck

  • Thank you! I will have a small amount as I think it's not good to completely cut things out. I will see what I can lose before Christmas and hopefully stay on a good road through the Christmas period.

  • Good luck Kat :)

  • Kat this is fantastic. You are right - the best time to start is now.

    If you have a smartphone you could try the myfitnesspal app to track your food. I love it and its so easy and quick to count up your cals and see what you have left for some plum pudd some days! :)

    And I think starting before Christmas is a great idea. Its so easy to just shove ourselves full of food but at least now you will be more mindful of your eating.

    Welcome onboard! :)

  • Good luck 😊

  • We have all been there. But day 1 is day 1. Welcome to this lovely forum.

  • Good luck. Just think - you'll be 17st something before Christmas! Go for it!

  • So day 1 practically done and I fell at the last hurdle. I had been doing really well with writing my food diary and counting the calories but hadn't planned an evening meal and because my husband was out I decided to go out and have a toastie and cake with my little one. feel terrible and sick now but tomorrow is another day and struggle - just need to get my head in a good mind set.

    Thank you for all your words of encouragement. This is the first time I have blogged about dieting but it makes me feel like I'm not alone. X

  • It is just one day. Tomorrow plan everything including snacks. When you have time plan a weeks worth of menus and a shopping list to match. Keep going.

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