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l had a nice?? experience today l overate a little and for the first time in a long time l felt l shouldn't of and l felt un-nerved by it.lm seeing it as a positive as l have ploughed into mountains of food without feeling anything!!! l will tell you something though l could of eaten absolutely loads of crap but l didn't. lm making no promises or commitments,l have no idea what stopped me from overeating,new people looking at me???l don't know x

l know something though food is an addiction,and l have got to find better ways of coping with all of my emotions.

my work colleague showed me a photo from a party a few years ago and l was fat,l still am but l hate seeing photos of me and l have very few photos of me being over weight.

l had a lovely tea yesterday and l have made a beef curry for tonight.lm going to make egg fried rice to go with it[slimming world rice,lm not on slimming world but l remember the lovely recipes] xx

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well donr for not eatin all the crap foods it looks like your head is telling you that you can beat this addiction now you have told your self you can stop eating when you no you should be doing and try to but it into place if it happens again x


Well done, that's a really positive start. You've actually listened to your body, instead of zoning out. Remember that feeling and trust it next time, your body won't lie to you, but your mind will :)

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You are doing good 😃! write it all down and the next time( cos there will be a one ) then you can re- read . Enjoy this feeling and be proud of self.

I also think lots of people have issues with food addiction, I remember many years ago seeing an interview with Oprah Winfry and she and she talked about her 'addiction' to food, it's real and it's out there and needs to talked about more openly, drug/alcohol/sex addiction is.

Emotional stuff is always hard and it does take time to challange this but baby steps 💐

Your tea sounds lovely so enjoy xx



thank you for this it really helps to get other peoples slant on stuff and not feel alone,which l don't!!!xx


Smudgersmith, thanks for the post, I found it really interesting and it's given me pause for thought and caused me to revisit something which I found mentioned by some on this site.

The phrase that leaped out at me was "Bliss Points". As what I would consider to be a person of strong character, with his own mind and will, I'm very sensitive to being manipulated by others.

If you are unaware (like I was) of what is meant by "Bliss Points" I attach a link which will explain.

The fact is, the more I read about Bliss Points, the more I become aware of how the food industry has manipulated me and indeed, whole nations, into eating unhealthy food. I've been doing some research, because it's as well to know your enemy. The enemy is the processed food industry.

Phrases like "l have ploughed into mountains of food without feeling anything!!!" are music to the processed food industry's ears. The industry loves compulsive binge eaters too. Each of the major multi billion pound process food industry's is fighting for what they call "stomach space" to maximise their profits.

The first step in winning any battle is to know your enemy.

I hope you find this interesting. This is just one link, but a quick google will show that it's a very hot topic, which does not find its way into the tabloids very often.


Best of luck. I just know you can and will win the battle and regain your health.

Best regards :)

PS Well done for showing restraint. :)

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Thank you so much for your reply x l read the article with deep interest and l totally agree with what was said. But l have to balance it, l have to take ownership of what l have done wth my eating it is me who eats and eats and its up to me to stop.when l overate yesterday there were healthy alternatives available which l knew l should be eating but l didnt.l dont want to blame anyone for what l have done, it would be so easy to throw the towel in for someone like me and free fall into massive binges l dont want that!!!! I do believe salt fat and sugar is totally addictive, and still hidden l might add in many foods!!! But no one forces me to take that first bite, this is my choice.l know how addictive this food is but l have choosen to ignore this and eaten.

my reply is not to offend you xx but l cannot keep blaming something l know is clinically proven to be addictive that l choose to eat xx

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Well said smudgersmith and I salute you for the stance you take.

Yes, we must take ownership for our own decisions, I fully agree :)

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Hey Tewson, thanks for the link - I read it and found it very interesting, and true to the way I feel sometimes. I love the phrase "hedonistic hunger" That exactly describes my feelings sometimes in a supermarket, surrounded by high calorie sugar rich "foods" and feeling wildly mad and abandoned, like I want to blow the world and throw everything I see into the trolley and just wallow in a sea of SWEET stuff .....

I am the product manufacturers dream - luckily I've discovered abstinence is the only way to not have these sort of feelings overtake you.

🙋 thanks again for the info !


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