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Weekly weigh in and update


Hey all hope you have been doing well, sorry ive not been about been working loads and my tooth cracked in half so had a couple dentist appointments and stress with the cost of private dentists and last 2 days been in a lot of pain, turns out i have a urine infection which is just typical after the week ive had.

But even with all that going on i have managed to lose 3lbs :) almost cried in relief when i saw a loss as honestly didnt think i would. Just shows no matter how bad things get with determination you can still achieve your goals

Have a great week all

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Ugh poor you! You are doing brilliantly keeping on track with everything you have had to contend with, very well done, 3lbs is phenomenal xx

I was extremely surprised tbh but gonna take it and let it fuel me next week x

it's a brilliant result, you should be really proud of yourself, success in the face of adversity and all that xx

Well done! Hope you feel much better very soon x

Thank you

sueper5 stone

Well done on the 3lb - so sorry about the tooth though - hate the dentist.

Hope you have a better week next week health wise :)

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Thanks hun, week got worse lol ended up in severe pain in my stomach and got diagnosed with a bladder infection. Thankfully seem to be getting back on track now x

sueper5 stone
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Hope you feel better soon - not sure what is going on as you are about the 3rd person who I have heard of with a bladder infection in the last 24 hours!

Hope you feel better soon :)

Aqua_marineRestart Nov 2019

Yay goodbye to those 3 pounds. Sounds like you had a horrid week. I hope you have something nice to do this weekend.

Work lol, although day off tomorrow so nice chilled day planned x

Sounds like an awful week, I really feel for you, I'm terrified of the dentist and need sedation for a filling so how brave are you !

Great result, 3 more pesky pounds away😃 and you are so right we need to stay determined no matter what but sometimes it's just not that easy.

Hope you are feeling much better and have a lovely weekend.


Oh i know its not easy but it is worth it.

Thanks hun its the needles that really freak me out x

Hi folks My Saturday weigh in Down 1lb So still not into the 18s

I saw the practice nurse for health check on Monday She took bloods and gave me more weight advice but nothing new

So I weigh in at 19 St today but have had no exercise sessions due to being busy and the cold weather

Note to self must try harder with the exercise

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