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Strength Training

Hi everyone,

This weeks goal was to incorprate 2x weekly strength workouts. Life has been getting in the way all week so I found a quick 10 minutes body strength workout, with the aim of doing it twice, but I just couldn't!

My excuses are: 1) im getting over a chest infection 2) Endometriosis is playing up & causing diarrhea, I don't wanna dehydrate myself 3) I have a yoga class later.

Is 10 minutes enough? Would doing 10 minutes now & maybe 10 minutes later be just as effective? I am also hoping to hit the gym Friday or Saturday.

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Hi ab24601. Sorry to hear you're struggling health wise... I also kept putting off strength exercises. In the end I decided to do a '30 day squat challenge', but I started off very easy, 10 squats, then built up fairly gradually (actually not as gradually as I meant to, but I definitely recommend building up gradually!) I don't think you need to even do 10 mins, you can squeeze in things like this during the day. I also found some 'abs' exercises on the NHS site and did some of those, again building up from 10. Some people use weights too, but it worked well for me to just do the exercises without weights and they still made a real difference. As with any exercise though, stop if it hurts, and remember to warm up beforehand (esp if doing a longer session) and stretch afterwards. Also remember that days off are a vital part of muscle development, not a sign you're slacking off. As long as the days off don't go on for weeks... :)

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