Starting again, again, hopefully for the last time!

I've just looked at my posts from 5 months ago. I said I wanted to lose 4 st, guess what I still want to lose 4 st, managed 5lb and put it back on again, grrrrrrrrrr. In 5 months I could have been at least half way to my goal.

So going to put the wasted months behind me and start afresh, calorie counting and exercise is the only way for me, so will start now and join the Monday weigh in next month. Not going to think about Christmas, or any other event, just head down and keep visualising and being a bit grown up about it all.

I had to choose new glasses after my eye test last Saturday, and each pair I tried on I didn't like, they made me look old, but then I realised that's how I look with the excess weight, it is very ageing. I've let myself go and it was staring back at me from the mirror. Its not the woman I feel like on the inside.Thanks for listening, love this site and the positive support. Have a fab week everyone xx


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18 Replies

  • Hey fussybird, the last 5 months have not been wasted at all. True, you still have the same weight to lose as when you joined this forum 5 months ago, but turning that around - if you hadn't joined would that weight be even more? Possibly. The past is in the past, leave it there and step forward in a fresh way, no recriminations - you can't change the last 5 months, so ignore the negative vibes from them. Today is what matters, much luck and positive vibes winging over to you hunny. Clean slate, a brighter, lighter future awaits. 😊

  • Thanks Shellie, true I could have weighed even more as I have been mindful, just not mindful enough. Fed up with the bloated feeling my snacking brings, so that has to go.

    Fresh start with a brighter future for sure, many thanks :-)

  • You'll get there hunny, you'll get there. 😊

  • If like me you need to wear glasses all the time, I think you can knock off a couple of ounces for the specs, 'cos you need them to read the scales :D

    It's good to hear you are trying again.

    Onwards and downwards

    Best of luck :)

  • haha, I usually take them off to weigh in, and squint. I don't have a stitch on me for weigh in, its always about 5am when I get up (after a wee of course). Just getting my first pair of 'graduated' specs, with distance and reading parts. Apparently not varifocals according to the optician, but I'm not convinced lol. It was good to think about what can be achieved in 5 months, sounds a long time at the start, but goes in the blink of an eye.

    Onwards and downwards indeed, many thanks :-)

  • I've been in your shoes many times fussybird, so can totally relate to how you're feeling. However, this time it'll be different for both of us.

    All the very best for your final, successful weight loss journey :)

  • thank you moreless, lets make it different this time :-)

  • I feel the same and make hubby delete all the photos of me that he takes but starting this weight loss again like you has made me think if I don't do it now it will be too late. I believed that if I kept running I would stay fit forever so when I was 34 I did running most nights along with swimming badminton and squash unfortunately this plan only worked up to a certain extent and historically the only way I have lost weight is when there has been some real trauma or when I have calorie counted and exercised. I am now 66 that is hard to admit and I go dancing 4 times a week the strictly style. This has been great and hubby and I love it as that was how we met when we were 20 . The problem now is all the running and walking hols has wrecked my knee and dancing is really difficult. So I would say that the extra weight in my case caused the knee problems when I thought the exercise would make me shrink. The exercise speeds up metabolism so if you cut down as well I believe it should work. Its a balance and while you are mentally on top of it, it works, my daughter is inspiring me at the moment as she has lost 2 stone this year and looks fantastic. I keep thinking if I do what she is doing I would look similar!!......

  • Hi skinnylizzie, my OH has knackered knees too from all the running when he was in the army, and since. We got heart rate monitors and found that a brisk walk burns 300cals for me and about 500 for him, he's 6'4" and built like santa, bless him, all on the belly and love handles. When we've lost weight in the past, its been most effective when weighing everything so we knew exactly what we are eating. I'm lucky that he's on board with any eating plan I want to try, but I'm a bit envious of his active job while I sit still all day getting fatter. We've reduced our weekend boozing too, as that was too much 'rewarding' ourselves for not drinking on school nights.

    I think you're right, its diet and exercise, and for me, keeping it going longer than 3 weeks. I feel better after a few weeks, more comfortable, less bloated and get complacent. I was doing the Monday weigh in here for a few weeks, do you fancy doing that each week, if you don't already?

    We can all do it, it it mind over matter, and imagining my slim self is a fantastic day dream to make a reality. :-)

  • I've got to my fattest weight and am on week 3 with no loss just maintaining

    I will start again today with you

    It's 12 weeks to my sisters wedding today

  • Hi Bonni, its good to have a target event to aim for. Imagine how fab you'll feel a bit lighter, and feeling healthier at your sisters wedding?

    I'm at my fattest too, don't really recognise the person on the outside, as its so different from how I feel. Until I want to find something that fits in my wardrobe of course. Have you got much to lose? you'd hope to have a loss unless there's only a few lbs, its harder then (apparently, I've never got that far lol) :-)

  • I want to loose a stone then another half

  • good on you getting on it now, don't let it get out of hand like I have. Planning myfitnesspal menu for tomorrow already. Have you tried making pancakes by mashing one banana with a beaten egg, make small pancakes as they are difficult to flip if too big, add blueberries and raspberries and 2 tsp maple syrup, less than 400 calories. I love tasty food, probably why I get bored of dieting, this is one of my new discoveries, will be doing it at 5am for me and OH. Lunch of leek and potato soup by 10:30/11 I reckon lol

  • Pancakes sound great I will be trying them thanks x

  • With you all the way 😌😜

  • Thanks June, this site is the best for moral support :-)

  • Fussybird, As you can see, you're not alone with this issue. +1 more to the team who starts fresh today! :)

  • haha, indeed bublelemon. I can see the end goal, but its too easy to let a stressful life get in the way. I have to make time for me, the family will love me for it as I'll be back to my old self, and the people making my life stressful at the moment can eat my dust.

    Starting fresh from tomorrow, this will be the last night of going to bed bloated and unhealthy ;-)

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