New scales

My old scales were less than a tenner...definately something 99 from Asda or Tesco . Perhaps twenty years old or maybe more. Measured in stones and had a big dial at the top...and definately no batteries. I had to put my big toe into the hole on the right hand , or should I say foot, side to feel as though I was measuring accurately. Could always lean backwards a bit if the scales were not so friendly. Could lose a pound that way! Note lose and not burn off a pound that way. Gosh I miss them.

The new ones , glass and shiny and oh, so sleek look lovely in the bathroom. But they're wrong...need calibrating...they're really, really wrong!!

So what do I do forum buddies, go with the new and nasty reading of 14st. 5 lb or stick with the 13st 13 that I was last week?

Ps the inches haven't grown back....and the tape measure was new two months ago!

Good luck this week to one and all.


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46 Replies

  • Oh dear PP, I feel your pain :(

    When I replaced my ancient scales for a digital model, I instantly gained 1/2 a stone! Thank goodness I changed them before I started on the 12 week plan.

    Truth is, you've lost the same amount of weight, but unfortunately your starting weight was a little higher than you thought.

    Maybe that nasty new weight will spur you on to a greater effort to get back to the 13's :)

    You're still doing brilliantly well, as those lost inches prove :)

  • Thank you so much for replying Moreless? You're always so kind and thoughtful. It has spurred me on in that I went for a walk last night in the dark and ate up to the 1400 cals instead of just around about...getting my mind back into gear...I found that tough after the holiday too. So perhaps this is what I need....good luck this week.

  • I don't like my new scales much either. But I threw the old ones out when I as in my denial phase. Just keep going and you be will get a genuine result.

  • Thanks for replying Aqua, yep, I was definately in can't believe I was well over fifteen stone! No wonder my dresses didn't fit and still don't properly. Will be really in the zone this week. Good luck to you too.

  • hmm this is a tricky one as it all depends how demoralized using the new weight makes you feel personally I would use the higher value for now until they are properly calibrated then it will be a lovely surprise! :-)

    I have the same problem 2 sets vastly different weights so have given up on them and use the gym one that gives me a ticket which is kind of fun ! It`s a bit like going to weight watchers hosted by a robot that doesn`t tell me off (yet!)

    I don`t know how but try and get them calibrated asap so you feel more certain where you are pp.

  • Hey Munchie, thank you for replying. It was a shock! And the first time I jumped on, I didn't have the carpet fixture on them....woooooh, ten pounds more than the old scales.

    I'm going to go for it though, I've got the place set where I will weigh and keep on keeping on. Have a good week!

  • Pp i am pleased you are so positive and remember once you are over that shock a loss will still be a loss as you progress! :-)

  • 😃thank you.....

  • rofl @ "weightwatchers hosted by a robot...." thank you for making me laugh so hard!

  • It`s nice to know there are like minded folk WW , :-)

  • Hi, I did the same but my new scales meant I lost 4lb's. Either way we've still lost the same amount so don't be downhearted

  • Thank you. I think I'd prefer your scales lol! But you're absolutely right. Still got to keep on keeping on. Good luck this week.

  • I had to smile. How many of us have leant back, lifted a toe, moved the scales! I think the point is, it doesn't matter what the numbers say, it's the downwards movement that counts. And maybe the nasty number could be a motivator? I know I need regular kicks up the backside. Mine was a trip to the hygienist yesterday! Eat fewer sweet things to have healthier gums. There are so many benefits to a healthier lifestyle.

    Be safe walking in the dark and enjoy the lost inches. :-)

  • Thank you C, dentist or new scales....rather go with the new scales....have a good week...oh, by the way...tried leaning back in these scales...doesn't work!

  • That's really annoying! I would really struggle with that feeling of my work being undone. But you know it's not really been undone, just you need to recalibrate your mind a bit to cope with the numbers on your new scales. Do they give you a more detailed reading e.g. ounces as well as lbs? This could be an extra motivator. Also, you'll be able to relive crossing that 14/13 threshold again, but this time with even more inches lost hopefully. Good luck with all your efforts to get back on track post-hols, sounds like you're responding to the scales setback with boundless positivity as always. Also, yes really watching the cals that little more closely should definitely make a difference :)

  • Yep, you're right Ruth, and was incredibly shocked to think what mt starting point had really brave new step forward....and had suchi for lunch . Have a super week.

  • Can I say you made me smile we have all been there moved scales round all sorts for a pound to come off . But stick with new ones and by hook or crook the pounds will start to come off . New day new start good luck x

  • Hey Jimshe, these scales ain't playing any games.....not sure I like reality but will give it a go...good luck this week.

  • Thank goodness for you guys making me smile , I am trying really hard here but have been put on steroids my face I can see going like a full moon lol . but if wasn't for you guys think I would throw the towel in ,but I shall persevere with all your helps thanks guys good luck to you all x

  • that's what happened to me,

    new scales made me 3ibs heavier.

    so I used both to the other ones died on me

    it takes about 3 weeks to get over the cruelty of life.

    but hey ho a loss is a loss

    good luck with the new ones, they will soon be your friendx

  • Hey Kitkat...the old ones have been taken to scale will just have to dig deep and get on with a new dawn....have a good week and thank you for your encouragement 😃

  • I am amazed you still have the new scales...I'd have been tempted to throw them out of the window in disgust - how very DARE they do that to you!

    Seriously though, everyone is right, you have to focus on how much you have lost altogether and you are doing all the right things, the weight is going in the right direction so it will all come right in the end, this being a plan for life and all that. Just keep going, don't let this bring out the inner comfort eater in you (if you are unlucky enough to have one like so many of us do!).

  • Thank you WW, always so wonderful on this forum with your positivity...and scale violence! Yep...should have taken the approach of how many cals are burnt off in the destruction of unkind scales. Confess a little comfort eating has taken place but back in the zone....

  • two good things about digital scales mine are weight watchers ones


    It doesnt matter if I get on and off again I still weigh the same (unless I have used the bathroom meantime :)


    You get a more accurate reading (it doesnt mean that I round down though if it pleases me-and our lovely statatician Ruth)

    mine does pounds in 1/8ths where as before you would have to decide via eye! and its easy to think only a couple of ounces to loose

    By the way how much is the weight of a full pandora bracelet :)

  • Hi Prin you wonderful lady...if the bracelet is gold, that's ok if it's chocolate at least five pounds the next morning😉 yep, these scales have now got their feet on....I know...their like little now I can move them all over the bathroom and I'm within a quarter of a pound.hardly any fluctuation...not sure if that's good or not yet...have a good week.

  • if you got them from a***s like me, they probably need taking back, although they were brilliant~ according to them I weighed only 4.5 stone!!

    ps: don't forget to stand them on a firm surface for a correct reading.

  • Hi Sandy, Now that tickled me....4 1/2 stone! And I thought you were swearing at first....or perhPs you were? Have a good week😉

  • hi, Portland.

    swearing? certainly not: but having taken too many duff purchases back I have discovered many ways to spell a r g o s. not many of them nice. you have a good weekend.

  • I've been there. When I started on my weight loss journey five years ago (going from 15st 5 to under 12 stone and then mosying around 12 stone for a few years until now) I switched scales half way through and it was a difference of 5lbs. Made my starting weight, the already horrific 15st, go to 15st 5lbs. It was really frustrating but in a way, I appreciated the honesty. I'm very much a "give me all the information" person. I was glad I knew the difference sooner rather than later. Being at goal for example. That would be really demoralising to find out you aren't at goal at all.

    Sounds like you are being positive and spurred on by it, so that's wonderful. As others have said. You can relive the 13s glory all over again and this time will be even sweeter. :-)

  • Hi Spader, we started at the same point, but I've still got a way to go....I'd be lying if I didn't say I felt deflated but I really would love to feel great in my own body I'll keep on keeping on...thank you 😉

  • It's totally understandable, I was deflated too. But you are doing amazingly well and have already made such fantastic progress. No number on a scale can take that away from you.

  • With digital scales you have to make sure that they are on level ground. When i bought my new digital scales i weighed more than 10st 2. I went to boots and weighed myself and i was acctually 10st. The lady at the shop told me to make sure that the scales were on level ground only then you will get your actual weight and it worked

  • Alesha, thank you. I have a Drs...well nurse appointment next week for my mot so will presumably be weighed there. I'll be able to check on the accuracy then...have a super week and thank you for replying.😄

  • This thread has made me laugh 😂! I hope your appointment is first thing and wear something light - like a sundress and flip-flops😜

  • Something to go with storm anabelle😃

  • Your welcome

  • I had to replace my scales at the end of week one on the 12 week plan and the new ones made me 5lb heavier! I went with the new ones making my starting weight heavier. I still sometimes say to myself, and others, that means I'd weigh this much on my old scales, haha. Life's cruel sometimes.

  • Too true! That must have been hard as it was the first week! Are you doing ok now?

  • I'm doing well now I'm on week 13 and have lost nearly 24lbs! Mind you still got about another 24lbs to lose.

  • You are doing so well! What's your key top tip?

  • To be honest I've shocked myself I normally have no willpower. I think I set myself small goals each time, like losing the first half stone etc, I am drinking lots of water, eating most of what I use to for lunches, dinners etc but having smaller portions, and still having the odd treat. But my number one tip would be eat breakfast, I hadn't for years until 13 weeks ago, but always do now, it's helped.

  • I stopped drinking most days...alcohol I mean, and that helped to burn off a stone...then I bought new scales and have got to get my head back in the zone...will drink more water!

  • This is horrible, it happened to me half way through the 12 week plan so I no how you must be feeling, although I think they made me 3lb heavier!

    Don't let it get you down and keep up all your hard work xx

  • Amazing how it makes us feel. Not even over it yet! But hopefully will spur me on to greater deeds....

  • My new weighing scales look sleek and posh,

    costing me quite a lot of dosh.

    But when I stepped upon their frame,

    they thought I wanted to play a game.

    The numbers blinked quite rapidly,

    then when they stopped I looked down to see

    A number there that just couldn't be.

    No that number just couldn't be.

    I stood on one leg, I took off my hat,

    The extra poundage displayed must be because of that.

    But the display stayed the same, didn't blink at all,

    I wanted to cry, I wanted to bawl.

    I took a deep breath, and let out a sigh,

    Realising my old scales were the ones to lie.

    These sleek new ones were honest and true,

    Though this truth had left me feeling a little 'blue'

    So now I weigh 6lb more than last week,

    I was feeling understandably bleak.

    I posted to my pals on the NHS Unlocked forum,

    'What do I do now folks', I implored 'em.

    The good buddies on the forum answered my plea,

    I appear to have tickled them as they are giggling in glee.

    How rude, I think whilst secretly smiling too,

    At least my tape measure has stayed true............

    As naff as my poetry is Pp, I had to write it. You do make my day cheery with your posts hunny. 😊

  • LOVE, LOVE LOVE IT! You're a nigella and a pam ayers wrapped up in one blanket of kindness and warmth...I do hope people read your wonderful witty poetry.....😃😃😀😄😀😃

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