keeping on the healthy path ! (putting bad days behind us !)

Yesterday I had the worst day I have had since starting the plan , I still counted all my calories and so know I went 300 calories over but made all the worst food choices sweeties, chocolate , fish and chips(I did take off the batter!).

The strange thing is that normally in the past I would feel down and think I`ve ruined my week but after years of up and down dieting the penny has dropped and I realize that one naughty day in the grand scheme of things doesn`t really matter! I am consciously making better long term choices most days. I am normally all or nothing and tend to give up but I woke up feeling positive again ,went for a swim and had salmon salad for lunch, I almost needed a day to refocus myself.

I hope by weigh day I can still lose a pound if I stay healthy next few days ! :-)

I was wrapping a few of the children`s secret presents yesterday so think I went into Xmas mode !! :-)


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13 Replies

  • When we start eating sweets, chips and sugar they mess with our hormones and make it difficult to stop. Well done on removing the batter!

  • Good to you for taking the positive approach. It's easy to slip, but we just have to get back on the horse and start again. Good luck for weigh day!

  • Well done you, sometime a little of what you fancy does you good. I had a day like that a week ago, at the time I described it as a manic eating episode and it really was just that but having got that gluttonous feeling out of the way I got right back on track.

  • Hi,

    If you're going to sustain long term these things will happen. Being able to see past it and re-focus is the best way forward.

    Hope you enjoyed your little treats and didn't beat yourself up for going a bit overboard.

    If a little bit of what you fancy now and again keeps you on track long term then you are on the right track. :)

  • I think that's one of the most important lessons that I've learnt, and sounds like you have too ! If we are making better choices all the time, then one day isn't going to cause us a problem - the problem only arises when we don't get back to making those better choices again the next day :-)

  • Last week in one day I ate two 11" pizzas which the children didn't want, and that was on top of my normal meals.

    A week later ....................... no damage done at all.

    One offs are OK


  • You sound so positive.

  • Thank you for replies and support everyone it`s nice to know others have the same days from time to time . its pulling it promptly back the next day that seems to be the secret of success! It`s a learning curve and as I have a lot to lose making the goals small and manageable seem to help a great deal too.

    Hope every one else is having a great week!! :-)

    Tewson two extra pizzas gives me hope that weigh day may be saved!!!

  • You absolute star! You're such a joy to read on this forum, always supportive and genuine. Good luck this week.

  • Thank you so much Pp that is so ,so kind of you ,made me feel emotional :-) I honestly find all the wonderful people so supportive and it makes this journey much more fun! :-)

  • You just keep on going there! You're going to make your dreams work for you!

  • Thank you P.P xx

  • I've just read your post, as I posted my own, I thought it was my own lol but it wasn't. It's now Easter and I've done a post and realised its so similar to what has happened to me on Easter Tuesday.

    You are so correct, it's the long term choices.

    Thank you

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