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Week 2 ambiguous results

I'm sorry to admit, but this week was really mentally tough for me. A lot of stress at work (it seems I'm going to lose my position) mixed with perspective to sell my flat and move into new house.

My diet was like a flip-flap: really awful days with max 800 cal intake and lots of sedatives combined with night outs up to 2500 cal a day. No wonder, I haven't lost a pound this week.

Happily, I almost haven't skipped my everyday fitness - only 1 day missed. Physical activity helps to reduce stress level a bit.

I hope all this mess will be over soon.

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I'm so sorry to hear that things are tough for you at the moment, both at home and at work. I hope that everything is resolved soon and satisfactorily.

It's good that you've discovered that exercise is a great de-stresser and maybe while the endorphins are still working, you could take the time to prepare some healthy food too. You'll then be nourishing both mind and body, which will hopefully make you feel better still.

Please be careful that you don't mix sedatives with alcohol, as this can have serious side effects for your health.

Take care of yourself and keep posting if you find that it helps to offload.


You're going through such a lot at the moment...no wonder there's a bit of turbulence...just take care!


I hope things settle for you. I think you are doing better than I would in the circumstances.


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