Having my cake and eating it too!

I am incredibly pleased with myself I have realised that my favourite thing in the whole world (well to eat!) chocolate yule log comes in mini ones so provided I don`t eat the whole box at once :-) i can use these as a litlle 120 cal treat , it has made my day and being healthy a little more exciting! I do appreciate this sounds sad but finding little treasures that keep us plodding on make everything a little lighter!!


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14 Replies

  • Whatever keeps you sweet :)

  • Hee Hee its amazing how exciting even a small amount of chocolate is ! :-)

    p.s not sure they will make it to the party though !

  • What??!! You're not going to share!! ;)

  • There are 6 in the pack (well five now!) we could cut them in to many pieces and all have a little treat that would be much more fun , won`t freeze them then!!!! hee :-) :-) :-)

  • Yum, yum :)

  • So where are you going to put them to keep them safe? I suggest the back of the freezer.....

  • Ooh I wonder if mini stollen bites can also be frozen lol!!!

  • Now, if this freezing milarky works.....and we don't loose the plot...we can really enjoy experimenting here!

  • Hi Pp I like that idea and it will take me longer to think about having one do you think they will freeze ok?

  • Try one....you might even like them frozen and they'll take longer to eat...I might try that now.

  • Thank you Pp :-)

  • Ooooh yum - chocolate yule logs ! Mini rolls used to be my downfall - I would send my husband to the co-op for a small evening 'treat' and he would come back with the huge multipack of 15. He eats what he wants and doesn't put on an ounce of weight, so never thought it might be an issue !

  • I know that feeling well Lucca where do they put it? I only look at one and it clings to me for life such a pain! :-)

  • Your post made me smile :) What a delight :)

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