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So I've had mixed messages and Im really not sure how to handle this one- I decided to not eat chocolate during the week but its killing me- so if i have left over calories can I have some chocolate to savour my cravings or should I just totally avoid if I want to carry on my weight loss?

TIA! :)

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Hi Wood05,

I have read that dark chocolate is healthy, and I enjoy a piece of dark chocolate every evening after my evening meal with a cup of coffee, and I really enjoy it.

I would say have your chocolate and enjoy it! The danger could be to overeat, so it's knowing when to stop - but having a limited amount is enjoyable. I say go for it! :-)

Lowcal :-)

sueper5 stone


Personally I can't avoid chocolate and for me the choice was, eat a little and stay on track or deprive myself completely and probably give up with the whole weight loss thing after a week. I chose to have a little chocolate - pretty much every day. I limit it to about 100 cals a day.

I know this isn't perfect but it is working for me. You really have to work out what is sustainable for you personally.

Good luck :)

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I think 100 calories is fine!!! :)

sueper5 stone
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Much better than the 500+ calories I used to eat! :)

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Good idea

I have a chocolate options after my meal at for me at about 40 cals...if this is a life change, it shouldn't be a punishment.....

I have just had 5 pieces of dairy milk- still under my calorie count and satisfied my craving mmmmmm

I've managed to give up fizzy drinks which was a massive sugar in take for me but i think chocolate as well was definitely pushing it too far!

I am personally a crispaholic , so I just had snac a jacs to satisfy my craving. It is roughly 80 calories. If I completely cut it out I would go nuts!

Go for the chocolate but have a few squares

good luck :)

Have your chocolate and don't feel guilty! Make sure you are drinking enough fluids tho, I find that helps the Choccy cravings as well as the hunger pangs.

Pj53 😇

Just a thought as I recently had a similar conversation with a friend: Is it the chocolate you're craving or the sugar? Might be interesting to look into, for general health purposes if not just for weight loss. Watch "That Sugar Film" by Damon Gameau. I also craved a piece of milk chocolate after lunch until I realised I was craving that happy, sugary taste and feeling. The more sugar we can eliminate from out diet, the better!

If u have left over calories then its ok. Just stick within them and dont go over. Ive learnt that depriving yourself isnt good as in the end leads to a binge and thats worse 👍🏼

Sorry to be a damp squib but as from September 2014 I was told I had to give up all caffeine, which includes tea, coffee, all painkillers and CHOCOLATE. I have not had any choclate for over a year now and my system no longer craves it. I do not know whether I agree with you about the sugar, but now I can walk past the stuff near the tills in all our favourite shops and not even want it.

It is probably why I have found the eating regime easier this time round. I will not tell you what does it for me, in case I get you all running for the nearest cupboard or shop. I found by not having those things in the house makes it more straightforward not to indulge on an evening when you feel most snackish, but that is not easy when you have children in the house. Mine is 18 now and at University so it is really not an issue anymore.

I like the other posts about taking a little of what you fancy, but for some of those more human amongst us it is extremely difficult to stop once you start. Well done to those with a stronger determination … just keeping thinking of those scales at weigh in time for the rest of us. If you do slip-up, do some exercise to burn off those extra calories.

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I agree, but if you really can't stop then have what you crave, as you will just binge on lots of,other things trying to satisfy the craving, but probably end up with the original food that you crave in the end anyway, if you see what I mean. Just be careful that perhaps 2 squares of chocolate turn into 3, 4, 5 etc.because you will feel so disappointed in yourself. I found that I just had to cut it out completely and after 3 weeks am no longer looking for it. I'm not buying it either! I hope it continues!


I'm with Johnny-One,

I find it impossible to just have a little and have had none for 8 weeks now, I too no longer crave it.

We each of us have to do what's right for us.

I have 5 choc buttons when I need something (im more a crisp person but if I start them ill never stop so only one packet a day with my lunch 70cals max)

my mum keeps magic stars in the freezer

I think as long as u count it and its a small piece its fine as often the craving for choc during the week might make u go OTT at the weekend or stop the diet

I don't think anything should be cut out completely as we start to want it more, a little bit of something can stop the wild cravings and at the end of the day its a life style change

Go for only good chocolate, particularly dark chocolate, as high a cocoa percentage as you're happy to eat - less sugar, more chocolate in it, lower GI, so a single choc or a single square as a treat will be quite satisfying. 70% upwards is usually considered more good for you than bad for you but if you're not used to very dark chocolate start with a percentage you enjoy, and gradually increase the percentage as you get used to less sugar in general and more cocoa.

Don't worry if it costs a bit more. I know a local-ish chocolate shop that makes really yummy chocolates - nice enough to be satisfied with just one or two a day (they are also very small) and too expensive to eat more than that, which also helps. If I eat most of the brand name chocolates they are much less satisfying so I am more likely to eat too many.

Hi, I am a chocoholic and have found that having three squares of Cadbury's Dairy Milk every night after my tea (100 cals) keeps me from craving and over eating. Sometimes I don't have any, but I think knowing that I can have it if I want makes all the difference. But it is very much horses for courses and you have to find what works best for you. Good luck!


Weight loss is a simple equation - expend more calories than you take in and you will lose weight. I think there is room for good quality chocolate in your food intake.

Did you know that 2 of the 10 squares in a 100g bar of good quality dark chocolate (i.e 20g) is just 120 calories. Eat it slowly and you will find it is enough.

My personal favourite is Green & Blacks Almond Milk chocolate. It has the most sublime creamy smooth chocolate and crunchy sweet almonds. When I get to heaven this is what I will be served Insha-Allah!


I started the plan on 1st October and gave up all choc, sweet treats, crisps and booze. My choc cravings were linked to 'treat nights' with a glass of wine. Trouble is, 'treat nights' were happening on most nights of the week! I am very strong willed, so that might have made it easier this time round to give up. I've replaced my sweet treats with a Aldi Greek Style Yoghurt with a fruit layer, which is really delicious. If you can limit yourself to a few squares of choc, go for it, but for me it would be the slippery slope to damnation!

I'd really like to say, have the saved calories in a choc treat at the week-end BUT if your anything like me the quicker you loose that choc craving the better. And the only way is to go cold turkey! Find another treat for those saved calories. Go to a nice café and have a coffee and a muffin or pastry (pref without chocolate on top) Good luck

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